REVIEW: Princess Character Dinner Returns to Cinderella’s Royal Table at Magic Kingdom

Princess Character Dining has finally returned to Cinderella’s Royal Table at the Magic Kingdom. The restaurant reopened in September 2020 for dinner service with no characters, and in August 2021 for breakfast. Cinderella made brief, distanced appearances in the room, but traditional character dining was unavailable.

Starting today, characters have returned for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We visited during dinner service. You can watch our video below, and scroll down for detailed photos and reviews.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

cinderellas royal table sign 2309

Guests check in at the back of Cinderella Castle and are led inside.

cinderellas royal table lobby 2319

The lobby has a queue to meet Cinderella, and benches for waiting for your table to be called for seating.

cinderellas royal table lobby 2320
cinderellas royal table lobby 2324

It’s decorated with era-appropriate castle architecture and artwork.

cinderellas royal table lobby 2326
cinderellas royal table lobby 2327
cinderellas royal table lobby 2329

The dining room is upstairs. Cast Members will lead your party up, and there’s an elevator for accessibility.

Cinderella Meet and Greet

cinderellas royal table meet and greet 2314

Before you head to the dining room, guests have a chance to meet Cinderella. PhotoPass photographers are present. A PhotoPass picture is included in the package.


WDW MK Cinderellas Royal Table princesses 2

The other princesses visit while you eat. They go to each guest’s table. The princesses during our visit were Jasmine, Aurora, Snow White, and Ariel.

WDW MK Cinderellas Royal Table princesses 7
WDW MK Cinderellas Royal Table princesses 10
WDW MK Cinderellas Royal Table princesses 9
cinderellas royal table kids toys

The kids are offered a sword or magic wand toy to play with.

IMG 2411 1

You also receive an autograph card. Art of Cinderella’s transformation is on the front.

IMG 2412

On the back are signatures from all the princesses.

Cinderella’s Royal Table Adult Menu – $79

includes one appetizer, one entrée, and one finale.

cinderellas royal table menus 2350
cinderellas royal table menus 2351
cinderellas royal table menus 2352
cinderellas royal table menus 2353

Appetizers of the Court

Soup of the Day: Butternut Squash

cinderellas royal table food 2384

The soup of the day was butternut squash. It was thick and too heavy on the cinnamon, which gives it more of a pumpkin pie flavor than we would expect.

cinderellas royal table food 2388

We would not get this again.

Chilled Jumbo Shrimp

Avocado Mousse, Crispy Peppers, Corn Purée, and Micro Cilantro

cinderellas royal table food 2396

The avocado mousse reminds us of other dishes around Walt Disney World but goes really well with the shrimp.

cinderellas royal table food 2398

This isn’t the best shrimp cocktail you’ll ever have, but it’s fresh and not fishy. It’s a solid option, and we’d get it again.

cinderellas royal table food 2402

Can you spot the hidden Mickey?

Braised Beef

Carrot and Coriander Purée, Shallot Jam, and Horseradish Gremolada

WDW MK Cinderellas Royal Table braised beef appetizer

This is a good portion for an appetizer, leaving you just satisfied enough while you wait for the entrée. The presentation is nice. It sits on a sweet potato purée base, and the beef itself falls apart. There are definitely some fatty layers in here, but it’s so tender and moist. You could cut this thing with a spoon. The beef is on the saltier side which is what makes the sweet potato purée the perfect pairing. The whole dish is delicious.

Entrées Royale

Parisian Gnocchi

Seasonal Vegetables, Celery Root Purée, and Vegetable Demi-glace

cinderellas royal table food 2426

It only had about 10 pieces of gnocchi, but each was excellent. Everything in this dish works perfectly. The pickled radish is balanced well by the potato gnocchi and the glaze. 

cinderellas royal table food 2427

The gnocchi has a great texture, hitting the right place between crunchy and doughy. The other vegetables (mushrooms, zucchini, and string peas) were pan fried. 

cinderellas royal table food 2428

We would get this again.

Grilled Tenderloin of Beef

Potato Pavé, Roasted Seasonal Vegetables, and House-made Steak Sauce

cinderellas royal table food 2441

We requested the beef medium, and it was cooked a little closer to medium-well. The meat is underseasoned and a little dry.

cinderellas royal table food 2437

It’s served with steak sauce, and you need it to counter the dryness.

cinderellas royal table food 2433

The potato pavé is buttery and soft. The asparagus was perfectly prepared.

cinderellas royal table food 2434

The beef is fine. The vegetables are great. Picky eaters will probably enjoy this.

Sustainable Catch En Papillote: Grouper

Marble Potatoes, Bok Choy, and Chimichurri

cinderellas royal table food 2442

The fish of the day was grouper, served in a paper wrap (“en papillote”) with a variety of vegetables. The grouper was well cooked and very flaky; it fell apart easily. By itself, it had a sweet flavor, but the majority of the meat was heavily covered in black pepper and chimichurri sauce.

cinderellas royal table food 2445

The vegetables are a nice touch. There are slivered potatoes at the base that sit in the marinade and chimichurri, making them a great complement to the fish. The bok choy, however, looked unappetizing and we skipped it.

cinderellas royal table food 2449

The pepper and chimichurri are strong and complement the grouper well.

cinderellas royal table food 2450

Overall, this was a light dish that packs a ton of flavor without leaving you overstuffed when you head into the park after. We recommend it, but your mileage may vary as the fish changes.


The Clock Strikes Twelve

Dark Chocolate Mousse with a Caramel and Crunchy Praline Center, served with Chocolate Sauce and Hazelnut Gelato

cinderellas royal table desserts 2467

This has a cute presentation with the clock medallion on top of the mousse.

cinderellas royal table desserts 2463

The mousse is extremely chocolatey. It’s overwhelming. Chocolate mousse on a chocolate cake covered in chocolate ganache. It’s too much.

cinderellas royal table desserts 2464
cinderellas royal table desserts 2468

The hazelnut ice cream is a refreshing break from the chocolate. When paired together, the ice cream helps to mask some of the chocolate and makes this dessert more enjoyable.

cinderellas royal table desserts 2466

We don’t recommend this unless you really love chocolate.

Jaq & Gus

Cheesecake with Seasonal Flavors and Garnishes

cinderellas royal table desserts 2475

The current seasonal fruits are strawberries and blueberries. The cheesecake itself is plain with no sauce on top.

cinderellas royal table desserts 2477

It’s more like a deconstructed dish, with the strawberry purée, meringue stars, and crumbs on the side.

cinderellas royal table desserts 2480

The tangy cheesecake is overwhelming. The berries are tart and do nothing to help with the strong cream cheese flavor.

cinderellas royal table desserts 2478

The meringue is a cute garnish, but the texture is all wrong with the cheesecake. This dessert does not work, and we do not recommend it.

Coffee Pot de Crème

Coffee-infused Coconut ‘Custard,’ Passion Fruit Gelée, and Crumbled Chocolate-Espresso Beans (Plant-based)

cinderellas royal table desserts 2484

The server warned us this was very coffee-forward. It’s very dense. It’s like eating raw coffee grounds with a similarly grainy texture. The coffee lovers among us didn’t hate it, but it’s not something we’d choose for a dessert.

cinderellas royal table desserts 2486

Those who don’t like a strong coffee thought it was disgusting.

cinderellas royal table desserts 2489

We cannot recommend this. Unfortunately, it’s the only plant-based option.

Cinderella’s Royal Table Kids Menu – $47

includes one appetizer, one entrée, two sides, and one dessert

cinderellas royal table menus 2359
cinderellas royal table menus 2360
cinderellas royal table menus 2362
cinderellas royal table menus 2363

French Fries

cinderellas royal table food 2380

These are not on the menu, but the servers were happy to obtain french fries on request. The child in our party was not interested in the offered appetizers.

cinderellas royal table food 2381

These are standard Walt Disney World french fries.

Chicken Strips

Served with choice of two (2) Selections and choice of Small Lowfat Milk or Small Minute Maid Apple Juice

cinderellas royal table food 2417

The kid in our party picked chicken strips with mashed potatoes and green beans.

cinderellas royal table food 2419

These are good. They aren’t much more than the standard kids’ meals around the parks, but at least you know the kids will be happy with their meal.

The Sword in the Sweet

Cookies ‘n Cream Cheesecake Mousse with Chocolate Cookie Crumble topped with Crispy Pearls and a Cookie Sword

cinderellas royal table desserts 2452

Our youngest reporter gave a succinct review: “it’s good.”

cinderellas royal table desserts 2454
cinderellas royal table desserts 2458

It’s also very cute.


The ambiance at Cinderella’s Royal Table is unbeatable. You’re in the castle. It’s worth doing at least once just to get to eat in the castle. The food has improved, almost everything was better, and it’s clear that they’ve tried. This is a rite of passage thing, even if you don’t have kids or don’t like to meet characters. It’s not cheap, but the price is worth crossing this off your bucket list.

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