Hitchhiking Ghosts Won’t Follow You Home: Interactive Effect Broken in Haunted Mansion Finale at Magic Kingdom

The Hitchhiking Ghosts effect on the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom is currently switched to “B mode” because the regular interactive effect is not working.

wdw haunted mansion hitchhiking ghosts march 2023

Right now, the Hitchhiking Ghosts just float in darkness in front of guests. The reflection of guests and their Doom Buggy is not visible. Usually, the ghosts would appear to switch around guests’ faces and do other silly things to their reflections.

Our video above on Twitter shows what the B mode effect looks like.

According to Cast Members, they are working on fixing the regular effect, which was installed in 2011. This B mode was actually what guests saw on a black curtain while the new scene was installed all those years ago. Prior to the 2011 update, the Hitchhiking Ghosts were physical figures that appeared to sit in the Doom Buggy reflections thanks to the Pepper’s Ghost effect (the same effect used in the ballroom scene). This practical effect is still used in the Tokyo Disneyland version of the Mansion.

You can see what the original effect looks like in our 2011 video when it was first installed.

Cast Members do not know when the regular effect will be fixed and turned back on.

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