PHOTOS, VIDEO: Indiana Jones Adventure Returns with NEW Collapsing Cave Scene & Projections at Disneyland

Matt Hesson

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Indiana Jones Adventure Returns with NEW Collapsing Cave Scene & Projections at Disneyland

Matt Hesson

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Indiana Jones Adventure Returns with NEW Collapsing Cave Scene & Projections at Disneyland

After three months, the long refurbishment of Indiana Jones Adventure has come to an end at Disneyland, and we were there on day one to check out all the new changes, including a brand-new scene and lots of updated effects!

You can watch a full POV video of the updated experience courtesy of our YouTube channel.

IndianaJonesAdventureReopens2023 1
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The very first change we noticed was updated projections in the door room, now more clear and varied for each of the three rooms. This is the first update to these projections since they were installed in 2015.

IndianaJonesAdventureReopens2023 16 1
IndianaJonesAdventureReopens2023 17 1
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The projections on Mara are also more clear and tuned to each room.

IndianaJonesAdventureReopens2023 3

Long-broken effects have been fixed, such as the refurbished Cobra animatronic. Most of the attraction has also been relit, particularly Mara’s head in the main room of the temple.

IndianaJonesAdventureReopens2023 20
IndianaJonesAdventureReopens2023 21

In place of the infamous “rat log” projection effect, a new scene in the tunnels beneath the temple now takes place featuring Mara collapsing the walls of the building on top of the visiting explorers.

Finally, the climactic rolling boulder scene has been restored to working order once again after being out of order for quite some time. You can take a look at our video to view every single change and update made to the attraction.

The Indiana Jones Adventure attraction at Disneyland closed on January 9 for refurbishment. Guests had eagerly awaited information on an opening date as Disney had only stated previously that the attraction would open in “spring 2023,” only announcing a reopening date earlier this week. After the lengthy refurbishment, the ride has reopened to take guests on refreshed, updated, and enhanced adventures.

The new effects and added digital scenes of the attraction will make guests feel more of the thrill of racing through the Temple of the Forbidden Eye as Mara takes out their wrath on explorers. Previously there had been reports that the attraction would not be receiving new scenes, but this was later corrected.

According to The Orange County Register, Disney took time to clean and refresh the set pieces in the attraction as well as repair the audio-animatronics during the downtime along with these updated effects.

Updates and repairs extended to the attraction’s queue as well, updating landscaping, repainting, and repairing the interactive elements throughout.

Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones 5 on a boat
Source: Empire

Although there had been many rumors around adding new content related to the upcoming “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.” the final installment in the series releasing this summer, there were no additions during the refurbishment that change or update the storyline. The reopened attraction retains the original story established with the ride in 1995.

Indiana Jones Adventure

This adventure-filled attraction opened on March 3, 1995.

The backstory can be discovered by guests while walking through the attraction’s queue. Eager-eyed adventurers can find letters, telegrams, and video projections to discover the story and discover of the temple that Disney has blended into the immersive experience.

A second version of the attraction — Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull — was later created for Tokyo DisneySea in 2001. This attraction has an exquisitely detailed queue within the passages of their temple, which takes place in an Aztec pyramid and temple in South America, with no relation to the 2009 film of a similar name.

Are you excited about heading back into the Temple of the Forbidden Eye? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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