Mario Kart Popcorn Bucket Finally Races into Universal Studios Hollywood

Nearly a month after Super Nintendo World first opened at Universal Studios Hollywood, we’d seen neither hide nor hair of the illustrious Mario Kart popcorn bucket from Universal Studios Japan, despite getting the light-up Super Star popcorn bucket pretty close to opening day. That is, until now! We spotted the new Mario Kart popcorn bucket in the Character Shop located in the Lower Lot.

Mario Kart Popcorn Bucket – $42

USH MarioKartPopcornBucket2
USH MarioKartPopcornBucket6

The new popcorn bucket is exactly the same as at Universal Studios Japan. Mario sits front and center on his kart, looking off to the right with a thumbs-up and a wink. A switch on the bottom allows the anti-gravity wheels to light up.

USH MarioKartPopcornBucket4
USH MarioKartPopcornBucket3

The back side is just as detailed as the front, save for Mario facing toward the right.

USH MarioKartPopcornBucket5

The back hatch pops open to reveal the home for popcorn.

USH MarioKartPopcornBucket1

The strap features Mario and Luigi racing along as various items and characters from the Mario Kart games trail behind them, including Super Stars, Blue Shells, Coins, Fire Flowers, Bullet Bills, Bananas, ? Blocks, and more. The Super Nintendo World logo is located near the center of the strap.

Will you add this new Mario Kart popcorn bucket to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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