New Arribas Brothers Disney100 Mugs Available at Walt Disney World

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New Arribas Brothers Disney100 Mugs Available at Walt Disney World

Two glass mugs by the Arribas Brothers are available at Walt Disney World. These are designed in celebration of the “Disney 100 Years of Wonder.” We found them in Crystal Arts at Magic Kingdom.

Disney100 Iridescent Mugs 2

Each mug features the Disney100 logo, below it reading “100 Years of Wonder.”

Disney100 Mickey Mug – $29

Disney100 Iridescent Mugs 5

Mickey is in the center of the glass, wearing his platinum celebration outfit.

Disney100 Minnie Mug – $29

Disney100 Iridescent Mugs 8

Minnie is also in the center of her cup, wearing her platinum celebration outfit.

Disney100 Iridescent Mugs 4 1

These new mugs join with other “Disney 100 Years of Wonder” merchandise like the Disney100 popcorn bucket, which is now available at Walt Disney World. This is in addition to other merchandise that has recently arrived at Walt Disney World” at Crystal Arts, such as the Disney100 mints, trinket box, and shot glass.

“Disney 100 Years of Wonder”

Disney has been promoting the celebration through various outlets. Updating the movie intro to reflect the 100 years. Releasing new Disney100 magic bands that have four different characters such as Donald Duck and Dumbo. Also, the release of Funko POP vinyls including Walt Disney which are already available.

This follows some of the other released items such as the LEOG sets that feature characters such as Oswald, Sorcerer Mickey, and others. These new LEGO sets also include a “UP” set, the celebration train, and a DUPLO castle with the characters in their platinum costumes. You can view all of the Disney100 sets here.

All of the merchandise is in addition to new banners and signage at the Disneyland Resort. They have also updated the Disney California Adventure nighttime show “World of Color”, with a new version called “World of Color – One”, and a possibility of use of MagicBand+ to use with 100 celebration medallions around the resort much like Walt Disney World did with the 50-anniversary event which lets guests interact with the various character statutes.

All of this adds to showcase the 100 anniversary of The Walt Disney Company. If you enjoy the behind-the-scenes look at the history of the Walt Disney Company they are hosting an exhibition at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia that opened to guests on February 18 with display galleries showcasing Disney’s movies and parks.

We had the chance to go to this event and you can read more about the Disney100 Exhibition. This event will run through August 27, if you are unable to make it to Philadelphia there will also be an exhibition that will be touring North America as well as some exhibits touring Europe and Asia.

The Walt Disney Company is putting on a lot of great events and releasing merchandise celebrating all aspects of the company. From the Disney100 Decades Collection with pins, Lounge Fly bag, Mickey ears, and more. They have even partnered with Hallmark for some Disney100 exclusive merchandise for the celebration of the 100 years including a candle, notebook, and more items.

As the “100 Years of Wonder” continues we look to see more enhancements coming to the parks, and more merchandise appearing across the parks, resorts, and Shop Disney during the coming year.

Interested in more of the Disney100 merchandise? Take a look at the Vera Bradly Disney100 Collection. Are you excited about all of the Disney100 merchandise? Let us know in the comments.