New Oversight Board Preparing for Potential Legal Battle with Walt Disney World Over Reedy Creek Property


New Oversight Board Preparing for Potential Legal Battle with Walt Disney World Over Reedy Creek Property


New Oversight Board Preparing for Potential Legal Battle with Walt Disney World Over Reedy Creek Property

The Central Florida Tourism Oversight District —formerly Reedy Creek Improvement District when it used to be controlled by Disney — now seems to be preparing for a huge legal battle with Walt Disney World.

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The new Board Members of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, who were appointed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, met earlier today to discuss the legal challenges to the old board’s agreements with Disney that give it control over Reedy Creek property.

Bob Hazen, reporter for WESH 2 News Orlando, has given an inside look at the meeting.

It is being said that lawyers were hired to challenge agreements Reedy Creek’s old board approved right before DeSantis’ new board took over. One of the important agreements includes the Developer Agreement — which outlines Disney’s rights over District property for the next 30 years, regardless of what the new board says.

These agreements are being called “unusual” and “suspect” by the District’s legal counsel. They argued that they just found out that these meetings were all recently approved in public meetings over the past few months. They were most likely put in place as an insurance policy for Disney.

The Central Florida Tourism Oversight District argued that the aforementioned agreements are unlawful and should not have been allowed.

CFTOD’s administrator, John Classe, sat in on the meeting. He was the administrator of Reedy Creek prior to the shakeup, and remains in the same position. He has not yet been asked about the agreements.

Ron Peri, who is one of the new Board Members, argued that the agreements have stripped the board of all of its power and made Disney the government. He asked that the board fight this.

The Special Counsel indicated that the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District should hire more law firms to take on Disney so that everyone has an even chance. They suggested using firms with a “deeper bench,” meaning firms that have a strong team of lawyers.

Martin Garcia, the CFTOD Board Chair, discussed how powerful and rich Disney is and how they would need to take an “adversarial position” against the company. He also suggested that they take this case to the Supreme Court in “protected litigation” against Disney.

The District ultimately decided to hire more outside firms to wage the fight against Disney.

Stay tuned for future updates as the matter proceeds.

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7 thoughts on “New Oversight Board Preparing for Potential Legal Battle with Walt Disney World Over Reedy Creek Property”

  1. So Disney is still the only for profit company in Florida that doesn’t pay property taxes AND even the new board is powerless. Basically nothing changed. I hate Disney now

    • Disney paid for everything within their limits. This includes maintaining roads just as one example. DeSantis doing this added MILLIONS of costs that Disney used to cover to the surrounding tax payers. It is far more expensive for them to have the original agreement. Disney being powerful is it’s own argument but when it comes to cost this is a terrible move from the Florida government for the tax payers.

  2. I wondered why Disney was so easily accepting this unconstitutional attack on their 1st amendment rights. Looks like DeSantis was schooled by a mouse.

    • Me too! I couldn’t believe Disney would give I. That easily to Florida and DeSantis “stealing” Disney.

  3. Who will be next? SeaWorld? Busch Gardens? Other local or county governments? The “Central Florida Tourism Oversight District” was ONLY created by Governor DeSantis after he became angry with the long-standing Reedy Creek District. His actions appear to be like those of a child throwing a temper tantrum when he cannot “get his way” otherwise. SUCH BEHAVIOR IS MOST CERTANLY UNBECOMING TO THE OFFICE OF GOVERNOR. It endangers Park Visitors who suffer an emergency condition and must pray that the much much further emergency responders of more distant locations will NOT have delays caused by “rush hour traffic” etc! It also hurts existing Reedy Creek staff and their families by loss of jobs. This list most certainly could be expanded of the potential bad side-effects of DeSantis “pay back” actions!

  4. How much will the people of Florida spend for DeSantis’ hissy fit with Disney? Litigation isn’t free.

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