‘Pluto’s Christmas Tree’ Ornament Ripped Out of Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway Queue at Disneyland

Yet another incident has plagued the elaborately decorated queue of Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Disneyland, with one more prop joining the quickly-growing list of items torn out of place.

MMRRPropDamage 1

The unlucky victim this time comes near the end of the Mickey Through the Ears section, in the “Pluto’s Christmas Tree” exhibit. Guests in line for the attraction this evening found a child in the act tearing one of these ornaments out from the faux candle, where it was attached via a metal rod and glue.

MMRRPropDamage 2

The orb ended up thrown on the ground, with the culprit reportedly being a young child around the age of 4.

This certainly isn’t the first time props have been damaged, and it’s becoming a recurring problem. Right after the attraction’s grand opening, one of the pepper shakers was ripped from the concessions stand area. Then just last week, also in the concessions stand area, a pump was ripped from the “Not-Your-Cheese” dispenser.

These props are well within the reach of guests so it was certainly expected that they’d be touched, although not likely damaged to the extent seen in the queue thus far.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Disneyland is in the new El CapiTOON Theater, which features the Mickey Through the Ears exhibit as well as the fake concessions stand and several parody movie posters. Check out our tour of the theater and ride.

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