REVIEW: Fire Flower & Super Star Mario Kart Cookies for ‘NO LIMIT!’ Parade at Universal Studios Japan

It’s-a-me, Mario! Well not really, but you can imagine you’re jumping through the Mushroom Kingdom with these two adorable new Fire Flower & Super Star Mario Kart Cookies available now for the new “NO LIMIT! Parade” at Universal Studios Japan.

USJ MarioPowerUpCookies1

The cookies are served at this dressed-up booth near the entrance of Universal Studios Japan, under the canopy. A sign on top shows Mario drifting down Rainbow Road to the finish line, with “Popcorn” written in the trademark cartoonish Super Mario font. Similar art is visible on the parade’s merchandise.

USJ MarioPowerUpCookies3

The Rainbow Road pattern continues on the sides of the cart, which also features coins, bananas, Boomerang Flowers, Super Stars, Fire Flowers, and Blue Shells.

Mario Kart Cookies – ¥500 ($3.67) Each

USJ MarioPowerUpCookies4

There are two varieties of the Mario Kart Cookie — Fire Flower and Super Star.

USJ MarioPowerUpCookies5

They come pre-wrapped with a special cart featuring a checkered finish line, the Universal Studios Japan logo seen on the parade’s merchandise, and the Mario Kart logo.

USJ MarioPowerUpCookies6

They’re both fairly solid, being entirely icing on top of a shortbread cookie base. They’re also small for sure, but look impeccably like their in-game counterparts.

USJ MarioPowerUpCookies8

The Super Star Cookie is the more easily eaten of the two, being that the pattern is so consistent. It’s a bit hard, but not stale. Most of that toughness comes from the icing, which is more like a hard shell than easily chewed up. The taste is fairly plain, most of the cookie below than anything else.

USJ MarioPowerUpCookies7

The Fire Flower cookie meanwhile was a bit more messy to eat because of all the patterns on the top half. When biting in half, it’s a bit of a challenge to get the flower on top to break, even if you have strong teeth. The white portion in the center tastes remarkably like the icing one would find on a gingerbread cookie around the holidays, which I didn’t mind, but the rest was mostly a taste of the shortbread cookie below.

Both of these are nice little treats, although lack anything special in the flavor department. Fortunately they won’t fill you up either, leaving plenty of room to try other treats on offer at Universal Studios Japan.

Will you try these new Mario Kart Cookies? Let us know in the comments below!

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