REVIEW: Breakfast Bowl with Tots and Cinnamon Sticky Bubble Bread Debuts at The Lunching Pad in Magic Kingdom

Shannen Ace

REVIEW: Breakfast Bowl with Tots and Cinnamon Sticky Bubble Bread Debuts at The Lunching Pad in Magic Kingdom

The Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom has debuted a new breakfast menu including a Breakfast Bowl and Sticky Bubble Bread.

the lunching pad breakfast 3021

The breakfast menu is available until 10:30 a.m.

the lunching pad breakfast 3022
the lunching pad breakfast 3030
the lunching pad breakfast 3063

Breakfast Bowl – $10.49

Potato barrels topped with a cheese omelet, chili con carne queso, and sour cream

the lunching pad breakfast 3053

This is a surprisingly solid breakfast option for Magic Kingdom. Sadly, our “potato barrels” (tater tots) were overdone. But they were baked and not fried, so it wasn’t a big issue, it just meant they were crunchier than usual.

the lunching pad breakfast 3055

The eggs are standard fast food fare but thoroughly filled with melted gobs of cheddar cheese. The chili has beef in it, but finding large chunks is a challenge. That being said, it brings a well-spiced beef flavor to the dish.

the lunching pad breakfast 3056

Crunchy vegetable chunks perfectly counter the large portions of cheese and the salt from the barrels.

the lunching pad breakfast 3059

All-in-all, this is a hefty portion that can be shared. We would choose this over a Friar’s Nook breakfast, but would still rather have something from Sleepy Hollow.

Sticky Bubble Bread – $5.49

Sweet bread rolled in cinnamon, caramel, and warm spices

the lunching pad breakfast 3041

It would appear they are baking the bread in a muffin pan, as it comes out looking like an upside-down muffin. The soft, pull-apart style bread is made for sharing, but you may never want to.

the lunching pad breakfast 3043

The caramel sauce brings a profound brown sugar flavoring to the dish for absolute perfection. We would love more sauce but we’re probably overdoing it.

the lunching pad breakfast 3049

The bread won’t come out like a fresh pastry, but it’s fresh enough and certainly fresher than the Magic Kingdom cinnamon rolls that everyone likes. The cinnamon-coated bread combined with the sweet sauce makes for a solid entry that will combine well with a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, you’ll have to go to the Joffrey’s Revive kiosk to get it as there’s none available here.

the lunching pad breakfast 3070

This is a great, quick pastry item for the guests on the go, running between their first rides of the day.

The If You Had Wings 50th anniversary item was recently removed from The Lunching Pad’s lunch and dinner menu in favor of a few different hot dog options.

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