REVIEW: Trying Every Item at the New Roundup Rodeo BBQ in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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REVIEW: Trying Every Item at the New Roundup Rodeo BBQ in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Just shy of four years after it was announced, Roundup Rodeo BBQ has opened in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Infamous for its lack of seating and shade, the new restaurant fills several needs in the land. So naturally we headed down today on opening day to see how the barbecue fared!

Roundup Rodeo BBQ – Exterior

roundup rodeo bbq exterior 4840

Roundup Rodeo BBQ is just beyond the giant Woody statue near the main entrance to Toy Story Land. Lanterns are tied onto the restaurant’s sign with giant green twist ties. Like the rest of the land, there are various Tinker Toy pieces around the sign.

roundup rodeo bbq entrance 8125

Bullseye stands atop a green block decorated with a sheriff’s badge sticker.

roundup rodeo bbq exterior 4898

Like the rest of Toy Story Land, Roundup Rodeo BBQ is made to look like it was constructed out of various toys. The main building resembles a cardboard box.

roundup rodeo bbq entrance 8127

Andy drew a Western-style building on it with Jessie, Wheezy, and Bo Peep looking out of windows. Rounded banners above the main entrance were painted red, white, and blue.


roundup rodeo bbq interior 8149

The backstory of the restaurant is that Andy has built a rodeo restaurant out of toys and other spare items. Pixar animators designed figures and created artwork unique to Roundup Rodeo BBQ. Animators and Imagineers even designed full comic strips starring Woody, which Andy has used as part of the dining room ceiling.

roundup rodeo bbq interior 8158
roundup rodeo bbq interior 8171

There’s a “steam” train supported by colored pencils, a house of cards, and game boards. The cardboard box walls are covered in drawings of various roundup scenes.

roundup rodeo bbq interior 8161

Jessie, Trixie, and Bo Peep (with her sheep Billy, Goat, and Gruff) are the stars of the rodeo.

roundup rodeo bbq stick horse 5072

Little ones can ride to their table with a wooden stick horse.

roundup rodeo bbq stick horse 5073
roundup rodeo bbq stick horse 5074
roundup rodeo bbq trivia sheets

Cast Members were also passing out “Toy Story” trivia sheets.

Family Style Menu – $45 for Adults, $25 for Children

roundup rodeo bbq menu 4937

Roundup Rodeo BBQ has the same menu for lunch and dinner.

roundup rodeo bbq menu 4934

The physical menu resembles a sheet of notebook paper taped onto a piece of cardboard and covered in doodles.

roundup rodeo bbq menu 4935
roundup rodeo bbq menu 4936
roundup rodeo bbq menu 4938
roundup rodeo bbq menu 4939
roundup rodeo bbq menu 4940
roundup rodeo bbq menu 4941
roundup rodeo bbq menu 4942

Bread Service

The Prospector’s Homemade Cheddar Biscuits

with Sweet Pepper Jelly

roundup rodeo bbq food 8197

These biscuits taste like a Texas Barbecue version of the Cheddar Bay Biscuits from Red Lobster. They’re good but not quite as addictive.

roundup rodeo bbq food 8196

They’re buttery and fresh. The cheddar flavor wasn’t too profound.

roundup rodeo bbq food 8199
roundup rodeo bbq food 8201 1

The jelly is sweet on the front end but doesn’t offer much else. That’s okay though because the biscuits are great on their own.

roundup rodeo bbq food 8202

Get a Wiggle on your Greens!

roundup rodeo bbq food 8204
roundup rodeo bbq food 8206

Rootin’ Tootin Tomato Salad

Cucumbers, Pickled Red Onion, White Balsamic Vinaigrette (Plant-based)

roundup rodeo bbq food 8209

This is nice and refreshing. The tomatoes were juicy. There was just the right amount of red onions to bring flavor without overpowering everything.

roundup rodeo bbq food 8210

There’s a heavy amount of balsamic vinaigrette, which we enjoyed. This is our favorite of the three salads.

Rex’s Romaine and Kale Salad

Apples, Dried Cranberries, Pumpkin Seeds, Green Goddess Dressing

roundup rodeo bbq food 8208

This salad is fresh and well-dressed, although the apples overpower the other ingredients. There also weren’t very many croutons — only two in our bowl.

Wheezy’s Watermelon Salad

Fresh-torn Mint (Plant-based)

roundup rodeo bbq food 8207

This is fine enough, the watermelon is fresh and juicy. We got just a hint of the mint taste. All three salads are good and cater to different tastes.

It’s worth noting that your servers can bring you any of these after your first portion. You’re welcome to ask for other appetizers or more of the same.

Round Up Some Chow! (Choose One)

Platter of House-smoked Meats

Evil Dr. Smoked Ribs | Buttercup’s Beef Brisket | There’s a Sausage in my Boot – Fire-grilled Pork Sausage | BBQ Chicken – with Style!

roundup rodeo bbq meat platter 8224

The paper of this platter is the pattern of Woody’s shirt, while the vegan platter’s paper is his red bandana, which is a nice touch.

roundup rodeo bbq meat platter 8225

The sausage comes in a spiral held together with a thin stick. It’s a nice, high-quality sausage.

roundup rodeo bbq meat platter 8230

The casing isn’t too hard so it has a nice bite.

roundup rodeo bbq meat platter 8228

The ribs are fatty and tough. They’re bland on their own.

roundup rodeo bbq food 8198

Spicy, classic, and sweet BBQ sauces are available at the table. We tried the spicy on the ribs, and it was thinner than we expected with a strong vinegar taste. Even with the sauce, the ribs were disappointing, especially following the excellent sausage.

roundup rodeo bbq meat platter 8226

The brisket is smokey but the quality of the meat wasn’t up to par. It was tender but tasted overdone with little flavor. We tried it with the classic BBQ sauce, which was really good and tangy.

roundup rodeo bbq meat platter 8227

The chicken looked good but it was overwhelmingly dry. We added the sweet sauce, which had a thicker consistency than the other two, but unfortunately, the chicken still wasn’t good. The sweet sauce reminded us of McDonald’s BBQ sauce — in a good way.

Trixie’s Plant-based Trio

Combat Carloflower with Harissa Drizzle and Walnut Gremolata | Scrumptious Bratwurst | Rip Roarin’ Rib Chop

roundup rodeo bbq food 4982

The cauliflower is just fine. It’s soft and cooked okay but wasn’t warm.

roundup rodeo bbq food 4981

The harissa drizzle doesn’t make it very spicy, which may be good news for some. It just adds some zesty flavor. The walnut gremolata adds texture, not taste.

roundup rodeo bbq food 4983

If you like Impossible sausage, then you’ll like the bratwurst. We think it’s a great facsimile for real sausage, too.

roundup rodeo bbq food 4980

It would benefit from BBQ sauce. We noticed the vegan rib chop came with a bit of sauce drizzled on it. We confirmed with a server that the sauces on the table are vegan, as well.

roundup rodeo bbq food 4978

Speaking of the rib chop, it’s great. The sauce on it is spicy, with a good burn and a good flavor. It was different from the other spicy sauce.

roundup rodeo bbq food 4979

The “meat” itself is good and comes on a sugar “bone.” Again, if you like Impossible, you’ll like this. We unexpectedly recommend Roundup Rodeo BBQ for a plant-based meal.

Cedar Plank Saloon Salmon

Available upon request

roundup rodeo bbq food 4970

This is typical table-service salmon. The texture isn’t as flaky as we would like and the inside was a bit chalky.

roundup rodeo bbq food 4968

The sweet glaze is nice.

roundup rodeo bbq food 4969

It’s fine, but there are better salmon dishes at Walt Disney World.

roundup rodeo bbq food 4971

Ultimately, we would rather have the salmon and the vegan platter than the regular platter, which was a disappointment other than the sausage.

Reach for the Sides (Choose Four for the Table)

roundup rodeo bbq sides 8219 1

Although you have to choose four sides as part of the all-you-care-to-enjoy menu, you can order the other four sides after getting the first round, so we were able to try them all.

roundup rodeo bbq sides 8239
roundup rodeo bbq sides 8242

Mean Old Potato Salad

Homestyle Red-skinned Potatoes

roundup rodeo bbq food 4955

This is super creamy and smooth. The potatoes are the perfect soft texture — they’re not chalky.

roundup rodeo bbq food 4956
roundup rodeo bbq food 4957

It’s very good.

The Married Spuds

Loaded Potato Barrels

roundup rodeo bbq sides 8255

The description of this side just says “loaded,” not what the tots are loaded with. It’s good but we couldn’t identify the green sauce — maybe pesto. It brings a pleasant flavor. The yellow is a rich cheddar cheese sauce.

roundup rodeo bbq sides 8252

The toppings make the tots soft and mushy, which we enjoyed but some may not like. They did stick together a bit. Some on the bottom were crunchy and they were nicely seasoned.

roundup rodeo bbq sides 8253

“Marrying” the sauces together is good and makes this one of our favorite sides.

roundup rodeo bbq sides 8254

The Claw! Veggie Slaw (Plant-based)

roundup rodeo bbq food 4960

This looks and tastes like your standard, run-of-the-mill coleslaw. There’s nothing wrong with it.

roundup rodeo bbq food 4961
roundup rodeo bbq food 4962

Force Field Fried Pickles

roundup rodeo bbq food 4987

These are perfectly seasoned, salty, and fried. The pickle is no longer crunchy, it’s soft. But it hasn’t lost any of the pickle flavor, which comes through strong.

roundup rodeo bbq food 4989
roundup rodeo bbq food 4991

These are as good as, if not better than, fried pickles available elsewhere in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Campfire-roasted Vegetables (Plant-based)

roundup rodeo bbq sides 8245

The veggies are grilled well and not too covered in oil.

roundup rodeo bbq sides 8251

This is a solid option.

Slinky Doooooooooog’s Mac & Cheese

roundup rodeo bbq sides 8244

The mac & cheese is named after Slinky Dog because of the spring-shaped pasta. Crumbled Goldfish crackers are sprinkled on top.

roundup rodeo bbq sides 8250

Unfortunately, the pasta is cooked into a bit of a hardened mass on top. But once we got past that, we found it delicious. It’s doused in creamy cheese balanced by salty Goldfish.

Buckin’ Baked Beans (Plant-based)

roundup rodeo bbq sides 8246

What looks like pulled pork in the beans is actually jackfruit, although we wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference. The sauce is tangy.

roundup rodeo bbq sides 8249

The beans are well cooked. This is a solid side.

Cowpoke Corn on the Cob

Grilled Street Corn

roundup rodeo bbq sides 8247

The corn is flavorful, juicy, and salty with delicious cotija cheese coated over it.

roundup rodeo bbq sides 8248

It’s cooked well and easy to bite. The seasoning adds a slight kick of pepper and we think cilantro.

It’s worth noting that your servers can bring you any of these after your first portion. You’re welcome to ask for other sides or more of the same.

Chuckwagon Desserts (Choose One)

roundup rodeo bbq desserts 8270
roundup rodeo bbq desserts 8282

Bo’s Lemon and Blueberry Cheesecake

roundup rodeo bbq desserts 5030

There are chunks of blueberry and graham cracker at the bottom.

roundup rodeo bbq desserts 5031

It’s fine, we just wish there was a bit more flavor.

roundup rodeo bbq desserts 5032

The tartness of the lemon overtakes everything else. We could feel the blueberry but didn’t taste it.

Billy’s Chocolate Silk Pie

roundup rodeo bbq desserts 5033

This is like a nice, rich chocolate mousse. There’s a whipped topping and crumbs at the bottom.

roundup rodeo bbq desserts 5037

The crumbs just add some texture.

roundup rodeo bbq desserts 5036

This is a good option and our favorite of the jar desserts.

Goat’s Apple Pie

roundup rodeo bbq desserts 5038

This tastes like apple pie filling from a can. There’s a lot of graham cracker and cinnamon flavor.

roundup rodeo bbq desserts 5039
roundup rodeo bbq desserts 5041

It’s not memorable. We wouldn’t get it again.

Gruff’s Peach-Strawberry Pie (Plant-based)

roundup rodeo bbq desserts 5042

There are chunks of strawberry in a sweet gel nicely accented by the whipped topping.

roundup rodeo bbq desserts 5045

There’s a creaminess.

roundup rodeo bbq desserts 5044

This is our second favorite of the jar desserts, following the chocolate silk pie.

Cupcake à la Forky

For Lil’ Riders, Gooey Chocolate Cake, Graham Cracker, Buttercream, Sugar Cookie

roundup rodeo bbq desserts 8275

As you can see, there are multiple different Forky faces for the cookie on top.

roundup rodeo bbq desserts 5057

The cookie really has to come out to eat this treat.

roundup rodeo bbq desserts 5049

Forky’s face is very hard. The cookie beneath is good though.

roundup rodeo bbq desserts 5048

There’s a gummy string for Forky’s pipe cleaner arms. It tastes like Swedish Fish.

roundup rodeo bbq desserts 5050

It’s a very good chocolate cupcake. The cream is nice, the cake is moist, the chocolate is rich.

roundup rodeo bbq desserts 5054

It’s one of Disney’s better cupcakes.

roundup rodeo bbq desserts 5055

We prefer this over all the jar desserts.

And if you want to try them all, your server will gladly bring out a different flavor or type once your first portion is done. The service here truly is all-you-can-eat, so come hungry!

Included Beverages

Assorted Fountain Beverages

Coca-Cola, Diet Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Minute Maid Zero Sugar Lemonade, Powerade Mountain Blast, Barq’s Root Beer

Freshly Brewed Iced Tea

Unsweetened Iced Tea, Sweet Iced Tea, Peach Iced Tea

Kids’ Picks

Small Lowfat Milk, Small DASANI Bottled Water

Lil’ Rider Refreshments

roundup rodeo bbq drinks 8211

These are aimed at kids but are also good for adults who want something fun, sweet, and non-alcoholic.

roundup rodeo bbq drinks 8212

Molly’s Frozen Iced Tea – $6.50

Frosty blend of Iced Tea and Citrus flavors

roundup rodeo bbq drinks 8218

The citrus makes this a very tart and sweet frozen tea.

Frozen Cowpoke Cocoa – $6.50

Frozen Cocoa and Minute Maid Vanilla Smoothie topped with Mini Marshmallows

roundup rodeo bbq drinks 8214

According to our waiter, this uses Joffrey’s frozen cocoa. It’s great and reminds us of the frozen hot cocoa drink available at Disney’s Blizzard Beach.

roundup rodeo bbq drinks 8213

It’s creamy, with a perfect cocoa flavor. It being cold instead of hot is perfect for Florida.

Partysaurus Tex – $6.50

Minute Maid Premium Lemonade and Strawberry Puree, garnished with Gummy Candy

roundup rodeo bbq drinks 8216

This is also very tart. It’s more like your standard, sweet theme park (non-alcoholic) cocktail.

roundup rodeo bbq drinks 8215

The gummy candy garnishes fell to the bottom, so you may have to drink the whole drink or fish them out to eat them.

Partysaurus Tex isn’t just the name of this drink — it’s also a brief, periodic dance “party” that happens in the restaurant, with Woody making an announcement and lights flashing to a beat.

Grown-up Drinks with Alcohol

roundup rodeo bbq alcoholic drinks 8233
roundup rodeo bbq alcoholic drinks 8235

Grown-up’s Peanut Butter & Jelly – $16.50

Frozen Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey, Minute Maid Vanilla Smoothie Mix, Grape Jelly

roundup rodeo bbq food 4998

This has the same smoothie mix as the Frozen Cowpoke Cocoa, which bodes well considering how much we liked that.

roundup rodeo bbq food 4999

This didn’t disappoint. Skrewball is smooth with a profound peanut butter flavor, exactly what you want from a drink named after PB&J. The jelly sits at the bottom, giving the drink a hint of that grape taste on the backend as you sip from a straw.

roundup rodeo bbq food 5001

This is just as good as the Frozen Cowpoke Cocoa. We would have a hard time choosing just one to drink.

Snake Eye Margarita – $14.50

Teremana Blanco Tequila, Watermelon Juice, Lime Juice, Agave, Smoked Chili Bitters

roundup rodeo bbq food 5012

This is light and refreshing with a fresh watermelon taste. A manager told us they use compressed watermelon, making it more flavorful and less syrupy.

roundup rodeo bbq food 5013

There’s just a perfect hint of sweetness.

roundup rodeo bbq food 5014

It’s fantastic, even if you don’t love margaritas.

The Rodeo Mule – $15.50

Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Lime Juice, Cane Sugar, Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

roundup rodeo bbq food 5007

This drink is also light and refreshing. The lime and ginger beer dominate.

roundup rodeo bbq food 5009

It’s sweet and well-made.

roundup rodeo bbq food 5010

Rum on the Range – $15.50

SelvaRey Chocolate Rum, RumChata Liqueur, Chocolate, Toasted Marshmallow

roundup rodeo bbq food 5017

We needed to stir this one. It is, as you might expect from the ingredients, chocolatey.

roundup rodeo bbq food 5018

The toasted marshmallow and rumchata flavors still came through fortunately. It was a slightly more subdued, alcoholic version of the Frozen Cowpoke Cocoa.

roundup rodeo bbq food 5019

This makes for a great dessert drink.

Whinnyin’ Whiskey Lemonade – $15.50

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Aperol Liqueur, Strawberry Puree, Lemonade, Basil

roundup rodeo bbq food 5002

This is another fantastic, easy drink. It’s also on the sweet side, with just a hint of strawberry. The whiskey taste is strong.

roundup rodeo bbq food 5004

It’s pleasant and refreshing.

roundup rodeo bbq food 5005
roundup rodeo bbq food 5006

Rattler Rum Punch – $14.50

Bacardi Superior Rum, Orange-Pineapple Juice, Lime, and Passion Fruit, garnished with a Sweet-and-Spicy Rim

roundup rodeo bbq food 5020

The sweet-and-spicy rim has a kick — they should add it to some of the food options.

roundup rodeo bbq food 5021

This almost tastes like POG juice with rum.

roundup rodeo bbq food 5022

It was our least favorite, but still good.

roundup rodeo bbq food 5023


The theming of Roundup Rodeo BBQ is fun, especially for young kids and “Toy Story” fans. For Disney, the price isn’t too bad, and it is all-you-can-eat. Even though we didn’t like everything, there’s enough good stuff that you can order more of that you won’t leave hungry. The bread and most of the sides were good. Half of the desserts were solid. The cocktails were fantastic and ultimately the best thing on the menu. The Cast Members made the experience great, of course, participating in the various “show” things that happened. Roundup Rodeo BBQ isn’t going to be your best meal at Walt Disney World, but it will be memorable.

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