Tour the 2023 Easter Eggs and Sculptures on Display at Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Matt Hesson

Tour the 2023 Easter Eggs and Sculptures on Display at Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Character-designed Easter eggs and sculptures have hopped into Disney’s Beach Club Resort at Walt Disney World, drawing inspiration from Mickey Mouse, Tiana, Winnie the Pooh, Figment, and more. The designs also bring themes from the 2023 EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Egg

Disney's Beach Club Resort

This eggcellent egg features Mickey and Minnie in the center of the egg surrounded by blue, pink, and yellow flowers, set on a dark blue background inside the center. The edge of the opening is gilded with a classical trim design around it.

Easter Egg

The egg sits on a pedestal that is designed to look like a stone base, the tower, and egg are wrapped in a green shrub-like texture, with more colorful flowers around it at the base.

Tiana Topiary Egg

Beach Club Eggs 2023 1

Taking a design of the topiaries at the 2023 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival, this “Princess and the Frog”-inspired egg features Tiana as a topiary standing in a ring of flowers and moss in the center of the egg, with a golden backdrop behind her. The edge of the egg is dripping mosses on one side, and the other magnolia flowers frame the top half.

Tiana Egg Beach Club 2023 2

The base of the egg features water on the front with three water lilies on lily pads. More of the blue, pink, yellow, and red flowers are nestled among mosses.

Tiana Egg Beach Club 2023

The back of the egg has a night sky painted on it, with a heart in gold and a white star in the center. At the bottom, you can see Louis floating on his back playing his trumpet among more moss.

Spike’s Bee Hive Egg

Beach Club Eggs 2023 8

When you see this bee hive-inspired egg design you will know what the buzz is about. This egg sees Spike the Bee at the top of the yellow hive and a Mickey Mouse silhouette as the entrance to the hive, with honey running out the front.

Spike the Bee Egg Beach Club 2023

The hive sits on a confection round that looks like wooden planks. Around the hive, you can see various fruits and vegetables as well as some detailed candy flowers in pink, purple, and orange.

More Decorated Eggs

Cherry Blossom Egg Beach Club 2023

Around the table are more hand-crafted eggs that do not directly feature a character, but reflect the theme. This light blue egg has gaps around the hollow center. It features cherry blossoms popping out from the center, with yellow flower buds. At the base it is surrounded by more blossoms, all sitting on a faux grass base.

Cabin Egg Beach Club 2023

This egg looks fit for Tinker Bell. It appears to be a small home made out of twigs and sticks, and has a shingled roof at the top. Above the gray door are two small yellow flowers, and a window that is yellow to make it appear as if someone is home. In front of the egg is a stone path on the overall grass-like base. It features fun details of lily flowers in the back and sides and a spool of thread that has unwound along the left side.

Beach Club Eggs 2023 3 1

The desert-inspired egg looks quite sharp, boasting a confectionery Minnie-shaped cactus with an orange flower on top. The egg is speckled in hues of yellow, purple, and green. From the top down, draping rows of red and purple flowers run along the egg to the base, where it meets more flowers. Green succulents dot in between the flowers to tie it all in.

Beach Club Eggs 2023 9
The final egg design looks like a home right out of Pixie Hollow. The white egg holds a chocolate twist that looks like vines, stitched onto the egg. Behind that is the door to the tiny egg-shaped home. The stairs to the door, are created to look like flat fungus that grows in the forest. On either side of the faux dirt base that holds the egg, are mushrooms in red with white polka dots.

Confectionery Sculptures at Disney’s Beach Club Resort

In addition to the eggstraordinary eggs, included in the display are confectionery sculptures of Disney characters reflecting some of the topiaries found at this year’s EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival.

Beach Club Eggs 2023 14

Created in the likeness of everyone’s favorite purple dragon, the Figment sculpture bears quite a resemblance to the topiary version. He’s designed to look like his body is made of succulents with a purple stomach. No Figment is complete without his two tiny wings in orange, eyes big and yellow, and horns of a steer, but he is a lovable fellow.

disney's beach club resort

Of course, you would find Winnie the Pooh behind Spike’s bee hive. This sculpture features a green Winnie the Pooh with his trademark red shirt, no doubt waiting for a smackerel of honey.

easter eggs

Standing behind the Princess and the Frog-themed egg, you will find a troll holding a walking stick, and a small lantern hanging from the end. The friendly-looking troll looks like he stepped right out of Maelstrom, the former attraction at EPCOT that was replaced with Frozen Ever After.

Beach Club Eggs 2023 18

The final two sculptures are of Donald and Daisy Duck. Both mimicking the topiaries at EPCOT, Donald is in his red bowtie and holding a garden hoe, ready to plant more flowers.

disney's beach club resort

Daisy is dressed in her pink dress, with her pink bow on top waving at all those who walk past.

You can find all of these tasty-looking confectionery creations in Disney’s Beach Club Resort at Walt Disney World. If you are looking for a treat you can eat, take a look at all of the Easter Treats at Walt Disney World for 2023.

Are you planning on seeing all of this year’s eggs on display at the resorts? Let us know in the comments which are your favorite.

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