PHOTOS, VIDEO: Full Experience Creating a Custom Action Figure With TRON Identity Program at Magic Kingdom

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: Full Experience Creating a Custom Action Figure With TRON Identity Program at Magic Kingdom

The TRON Identity Program, allowing guests to create a custom TRON action figure, is now open in Tomorrowland Launch Depot at Magic Kingdom. Advance reservations are required for now, but the experience was delayed by one day.

tron identity program 0908

Tomorrowland Launch Depot is the remodeled and renamed Tomorrowland Light & Power Co. gift shop between Space Mountain and TRON Lightcycle Run. Check out our full tour of Tomorrowland Launch Depot.

TRON Identity Program

tron identity program 0907

We were officially the first TRON Identity Program users. We checked in at these side doors of Tomorrowland Launch Depot for our experience this morning. The experience is $95.84 and there are currently no discounts offered. Check out a short video about the experience below or keep reading for more information.

tron identity program 0910

They checked our name against their list and then showed us these menus of TRON Identity Program options so we could prepare. You don’t have to choose any final designs until you’re in the booth.

tron identity program 0909

The final figure can interact with the remote control lightcycle, identity discs, Bluetooth speaker, and identity disc backpack. Check those out in our TRON Lightcycle Run merchandise post.

tron identity program 0911

We were given an ENCOM access card and then directed to another Cast Member, who let us into one of the TRON Identity Program booths.

tron identity program 0951
tron identity program 0912

There is a dot on the ground for you to stand on, but two different cameras — one higher up and one lower down, for adults and kids. The booths are pretty small (and warm) but a parent and child could fit inside to work on a figure together.

tron identity program 0913

You tap the ENCOM card to begin.

tron identity program 0914
tron identity program 0916

The computer says instructions out loud. There weren’t full captions but instructions sometimes also appear on screen.

tron identity program 0923

We then went through menus of body type, team color, and helmet style. There are four different helmet shapes.

tron identity program 0926

There were four athletic body types ranging from bulky to slim.

tron identity program 0927

There are seven team colors: yellow, pink, red, blue, white, orange, and green. These correspond to the light-up sections of the action figure.

tron identity program 0928

The colors are displayed as hexagons and are more distinct in person than in our photos of the screen.

tron identity program 0929

As you make different selections, an example of the final figure is shown, so you have an idea of what it will look like.

tron identity program 0931

Note that the figure on the screen is blue, but the final figure will be black.

tron identity program 0932
tron identity program 0933
tron identity program 0934

After making these selections, you take photos.

tron identity program 0921

There is a visual guide to what expressions you need to make. You take three photos and then have the option to retake them if you want.

tron identity program 0922
tron identity program 0936

We were then asked to choose six phrases out of ten available.

tron identity program 0937

The computer reads the phrases aloud to you as you select them, and then you’re asked to record yourself saying them.

tron identity program 0938
tron identity program 0940

Like the photos, you can redo the voice recordings if you need to.

tron identity program 0941
tron identity program 0943
tron identity program 0944
tron identity program 0946 1

Once down, the screen tells you to exit the booth.

tron identity program 0948

Cast Members told us we could come back in as soon as an hour or as late as park close to pick up our completed figure.

tron identity program 0949

Examples of action figures, identity discs, and the remote control lightcycle are in display cases outside the booths.

tron identity program 0950

About an hour later, we headed back to Tomorrowland Launch Depot to pick up our figure.

tron identity program 0971

The pick-up stations are outside of the booths. A Cast Member will direct you. You once again scan your ENCOM card, and then step back to watch the magic happen.

tron identity program 0968

There’s a small show of lights and the action figure in its case rises from a portal.

tron identity program 0970
tron identity program 0982

The figures come in arcade cabinet-shaped boxes.

tron identity program 0976

The box even has tiny interactive buttons and a joystick.

tron identity program figure edit

The figure lights up, although the face lights were near impossible to see in the daytime.

tron identity program 0985

Here’s a better look at the figure lit up:

tron identity program figure 0990

Will you be making a custom TRON action figure at the TRON Identity Program? Let us know in the comments!

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