PHOTOS: Construction Walls Removed, New Gramercy Park Snack Stands Open at Universal Studios Florida


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PHOTOS: Construction Walls Removed, New Gramercy Park Snack Stands Open at Universal Studios Florida

The construction walls have finally been removed in Gramercy Park at Universal Studios Florida revealing new snack stands called 57 Fare and Avenue Eats. The snack stands are now open with new menus.

57 Fare

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Just a few months ago, we reported that construction walls were erected around the old pizza and popcorn stands in the New York area of Universal Studios Florida. The old stands were then demolished to make way for the new stands.

A couple of weeks ago, we stopped by Universal Studios Florida and noticed the new structures were finally erected and with a much better, updated look.

Now, the construction walls are finally down, giving us a much better — and closer — look at the new stands.

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The popcorn stand was replaced with this new green structure, which resembles newsstands that you’d find around New York City. On the back of the stands are posters, including a special Easter egg.

The Stork Bar Easter Egg

IMG 2355

At the center of this collage of flyers is a large poster for the Stork Bar.

If you visited Universal Studios in the 1990s, you may remember Kongfrontation. It was one of the original, opening day attractions and also one of the most popular. Guests would board an open-air aerial tram vehicle and be given a live tour of Manhattan.

kongfrontation models 4

There was then an emergency radio broadcast, and guests were told they were being evacuated from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island, where they’d presumably be safe. As guests were being “evacuated” to Roosevelt Island, they were able to see all of the destruction that King Kong did to Manhattan. Just then, King Kong grabbed the tram. Police and other rescue teams helped save the day. Kongfrontation was replaced by Revenge of the Mummy in 2002.

Next to the Kongfrontation ride, there was a façade for a place called The Stork Bar. The famous light blue anchor doors are what most people remember about The Stork Bar, and they can still be seen today outside of Revenge of the Mummy. The sign on the popcorn stand referencing the Stork Bar is a nice throwback.

IMG 2354

There is also a retro-looking poster for Hollywood which features an animated version of Marilyn Monroe driving a car. This represents the Hollywood section of the park.

IMG 2350

On the front of the stands are two screens for digital menus, which makes it easier to update them for special events.

57 Fare Menu

universal gramercy park snack stand menus 2986

The 57 Fare menu is themed like New York City subway signs, including a subway-style map of Universal Studios Florida.

57 Fare serves Queso Arepas ($8.49), Papa Rellena ($7.49), Chicken & Cheese Filled Empanadas ($13.99), Créme Caramel Flan ($5.49), Fresh Golden Ripe Pineapple cup with Tajin spice ($4.79), chips ($3.49), Mango Ice Pushup ($4.69).

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There is a selection of beers and Freestyle sodas.

universal gramercy park snack stand menus 2985

The subway map on the menu includes Metropolis, Production Plaza, Esoteric Zone, Expo, and even the defunct Amity, once home to the Jaws ride but later replaced by The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley.

universal gramercy park snack stand menus 2988

Avenue Eats

IMG 2359

The Avenue Eats structure, which replaced the old pizza stand, is identical to 57 Fare, but with two different posters on the back.

IMG 2361

One of the posters features a tourism advertisement for San Francisco, California. San Francisco is also another city featured at Universal Studios Florida.

IMG 2360

The other poster features World Expo. If you look closely, you’ll see that the two orange and yellow towers in the poster very closely resemble the ones in front of Men in Black: Alien Attack —that’s because they are them!

The World Expo area of Universal Studios was originally designed to replicate the set of the 1964 World’s Fair in Queens, New York. Men in Black: Alien Attack is the only attraction left standing in the World Expo area. It used to be much larger, and it featured the Back to the Future ride, but this was replaced in 2008 by Springfield, home of the Simpsons.

Avenue Eats Menu

universal gramercy park snack stand menus 2991

Avenue Eats serves homemade pizza slices, with prices ranging from $10.99 to $14.99 depending on toppings and sides. A calzone is $11.99 or $16.99 with a salad.

universal gramercy park snack stand menus 2975
universal gramercy park snack stand menus 2976

The sides and snacks include a Caesar salad for $6.99, apple for $2.39, mini apple streusel mousse for $5.99, and chips for $3.49.

universal gramercy park snack stand menus 2977
universal gramercy park snack stand menus 2978

Desserts are a gelato cup ($4.99) or Italian ice pushup ($4.69). More beers and sodas are available here, too.

Do you like the new Gramercy Park snack stands? Let us know in the comments below.

You can also see the new stands in our “What’s New at Universal Orlando” video below, about 2 minutes in.

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