Dok-Ondar Star Wars Black Series Action Figure Coming to shopDisney for May the Fourth

Jonathan D

Dok-Ondar Star Wars Black Series Action Figure Coming to shopDisney for May the Fourth

Jonathan D

Dok-Ondar Star Wars Black Series Action Figure Coming to shopDisney for May the Fourth

Dok-Ondar, famed merchant of the Den of Antiquities in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, will be an action figure for the first time this coming May the Fourth.

New Star Wars Action Figure

The figure holds a Jedi holocron in one hand and a Sith holocron in the other.

This Galaxy’s Edge icon arrives as the Star Wars franchise takes center stage this coming May during the Disney100 centennial celebrations.

The official Star Wars website details Dok’s notoriety:

Dok-Ondar is an infamous collector who buys, sells, and trades rare and valuable relics in his Den of Antiquities in Black Spire Outpost. Known as the gatekeeper of the black market, he has amassed an impressive collection of unique artifacts that is unrivaled in the galaxy. A mysterious Ithorian with an even more mysterious past, Dok-Ondar is sought after for his knowledge and connections.

dok ondar galaxys edge

The Dok-Ondar audio-animatronic at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is sometimes concealed behind a curtain for maintenance, but typically greets and bargains with guests inside his shop. Ithorians like Dok-Ondar lack the organs to speak Galactic Basic, so you may have trouble striking a deal.

May the Fourth Be Monetized

star wars: return of the jedi
Source: Lucasfilm

Looking for more ways to celebrate May the Fourth’s approach? “Return of the Jedi” is in a limited theatrical re-release right now to recognize the 40th anniversary of the original trilogy’s conclusive entry. Die-hard fans may be somewhat dismayed to know this is the 1997 Special Edition and not the original version, though still overwhelmingly the classic as we know it.

luke 40th rotj lightsaber hilt

A 40th anniversary legacy edition of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber from the aforementioned film is also available on shopDisney now for $249.99.

star wars legos
Source: Disney Parks Blog

Three new Funko Pop! figures are being introduced, one inspired by friendly droid companion R2D2, with the other two featuring Darth Vader with his lightsaber and on his TIE Bomber, respectively.

lego star wars
Source: Disney Parks Blog

On May the Fourth, discounts up to 60% (varying by retailer and region) will be available for “LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

star wars galaxy of heroes
Source: Disney Parks Blog

Additionally, “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” will offer free daily login perks throughout the month of May, character shards, and more to be announced.

star wars watches
Source: Disney Parks Blog

Wristwatches inspired by Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader will soon join Citizen’s Disney Wonder of Time array of 100th anniversary products.

disney emoji blitz token quest
Source: Disney Parks Blog

For fans of the “Disney Emoji Blitz” mobile game, this month’s Token Quest is offering players the chance to collect Platinum Grogu.

limited edition cal kestis lightsaber hilt

A new limited edition Cal Kestis lightsaber will be arriving soon, in honor of the main protagonist in the hit video games “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” and its newly-launched sequel, “Survivor.”

may the fourth disney100 pez
Source: Disney Parks Blog

The Disney100 Star Wars PEZ Gift Tin is launching, with a six-pack of PEZ candy refills included.

There are several more items featured this month, with a larger listing in the Parks blog post. LEGO sets, books, and conversation cards are all in the mix of May the Fourth goods.

What are you most excited to see this coming May for these galactic Disney100 celebrations? Let us know in the comments.

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