PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Construction Update on Arendelle: World of Frozen at Walt Disney Studios Park

We just got a new sneak peek at the construction happening on the “Frozen” themed area coming to Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris.

Walt Disney Imagineering released a video that gave us a sneak peek of the brand new “Frozen” themed land. The land, which will presumably be called, “Arendelle: World of Frozen” will be located near Marvel Avengers Campus in Walt Disney Studios Park. The expansion was initially announced in 2018, and totals over $2.5 billion.

Phase One of the expansion was Marvel Avengers Campus, and Phase Two of the expansion is the Paris version of Arendelle — World of Frozen. There was supposed to be a Phase Three, which was set to be Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but it was cancelled.

Walt Disney Studios Park Expansion

Walt Disney studios park expansion

The video starts off with the concept art of the Walt Disney Studios Park expansion. We can see the Arendelle: World of Frozen, and Marvel Avengers Campus.

IMG 4946

Construction is underway at Arendelle: World of Frozen. Concrete structures have been erected and scaffolding is in place to build the structure upwards.

IMG 4947

In the background, you can see attractions from Marvel Avengers Campus, which opened last summer, in the background. It will be a “short walk” from Arendelle: World of Frozen.

IMG 4948

There are a lot of cranes and backhoes for clearing the land and digging. In the background, you can see a green, moveable bridge.

IMG 4949
IMG 4950

Imagineers are seen discussing plans for the blueprints for one of the featured attractions.

IMG 4951
IMG 4952

The spires that are towering over the rest of the construction, will be the frozen mountains as pictured in the concept art. This is likely where Queen Elsa’s Ice Castle will go. Her castle will stand atop a 131-foot tall snow-covered mountain.

IMG 4953

Here, we can see a huge progression on construction for each of the rides and show buildings. While the “Frozen” themed land isn’t expected to be completed until 2025, construction seems to be moving along rather quickly.

IMG 4954
IMG 4957

Wallpaper, carpet, and other interior designs are being meticulously chosen to match the inside of Arendelle Castle from the “Frozen” movie franchise.

IMG 4958

If you’ve seen “Frozen”, you will definitely recognize this wallpaper. It lines the walls of Arendelle Castle.

IMG 4959

The Disney Imagineers are not leaving out a single detail from the land. It is said to be fully immersive

IMG 4960
IMG 4961

Disney Imagineers overlook a small replica of Arendelle: World of Frozen. You can see the snowy mountains and Queen Elsa’s Ice Castle in the background. You can also see bits and pieces of the buildings that will be the future home to the many attractions, shops, and dining.

Some of the rumored attractions coming are “Frozen Ever After”, among others. Some of the other rumored areas coming to Arendelle: World of Frozen are, Tick Tock Toys & Collectibles, Golden Crocus Inn, Bayside Wharf, and more.

IMG 4963

A smaller-scaled model of Queen Elsa’s Ice Castle is seen here nestled away in the snowy mountains.

IMG 4964

A close-up picture of the concept art for Queen Elsa’s Ice Castle.

IMG 4966

Pictured above is the full concept art for the Arendelle: World of Frozen. As you can see, it features Queen Elsa’s Ice Castle, which will sit atop a 131-foot-tall snow-covered mountain. It will also be next to a 3-hectare lake.

The land looks like a scene right out of the “Frozen” movies. The architectural style was inspired from the movies and will be completely immersive.

Arendelle: World of Frozen will feature “Frozen” themed rides, shopping, and dining. The restaurant will serve up dishes with a Nordic flare. There will also be royal meet & greets with everyone’s favorite characters from “Frozen”.

At the 2022 D23 Expo, Josh D’Amaro —chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts — announced that the area will also feature a “Tangled” themed ride.

Will you be visiting Arendelle: World of Frozen once it’s completed in 2025? Let us know in the comments.

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