Illuminated Lightsaber Umbrellas Land at Disneyland Resort

Spencer Lloyd

Illuminated Lightsaber Umbrellas Land at Disneyland Resort

Spencer Lloyd

Illuminated Lightsaber Umbrellas Land at Disneyland Resort

If you’re looking for an umbrella for a more civilized age, then there’s nowhere better to search than the World of Disney Store at the Downtown Disney District. That’s where we found these illuminated lightsaber umbrellas, which true to their name light up in the rain!

Lightsaber Umbrella – $69.99

LightsaberUmbrellasDLR 2

There are two types of lightsaber umbrella — one for the light side and one for the dark side.

LightsaberUmbrellasDLR 3

The dark side lights up in red, and has a red streak.

LightsaberUmbrellasDLR 9

There’s also a Galactic Empire insignia, solidifying its ties to the dark side of the Force.

LightsaberUmbrellasDLRShopDisneyRed 3

Photos of the item on shopDisney show its appearance when opened. A security tag blocks the lightsaber umbrella from opening in the store. The background is all black except for one red section with a Galactic Empire insignia.

LightsaberUmbrellasDLRShopDisneyRed 1

The entire handle lights up from the bottom in red, signifying the Sith and the dark side.

LightsaberUmbrellasDLRShopDisneyRed 2

On the back in English reads “Join the dark side.”

LightsaberUmbrellasDLR 8

Meanwhile the blue umbrella symbolizes the Jedi and the Rebel Alliance.

LightsaberUmbrellasDLR 4
LightsaberUmbrellasDLRShopDisneyBlue 3

Also available on shopDisney, we can get a full look at the Rebel Alliance version of the umbrella thanks to the shopping site. Like the Imperial version, it’s all black except for one section — which is blue with a white Rebel Alliance insignia.

LightsaberUmbrellasDLRShopDisneyBlue 1

The umbrella rod lights up in blue when activated.

LightsaberUmbrellasDLRShopDisneyBlue 2

The back side reads “Use the Force.”

LightsaberUmbrellasDLR 5
LightsaberUmbrellasDLR 7

True to their name, both lightsaber umbrellas feature lightsaber handles for the umbrella, and a button which activates the light-up feature.

LightsaberUmbrellasDLR 6

We found both of these illuminated lightsaber umbrellas at the World of Disney Store in the Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort.

Star Wars at Disneyland

Disneyland after dark throwback star wars nite

In just a few short weeks, Star Wars Nite will land at Disneyland to bring a galaxy far, far away to the Happiest Place on Earth!

On the evenings of May 2, 4, 8, & 11, 2023, you can claim your allegiance at Disneyland After Dark: Star Wars Nite! Galactic and fantastic, this event is back with four “nites” – the most ever – where you can live your own epic Star Wars adventure:  

  • Be wowed watching “Star Wars: Celebrate the Nite”  as fireworks illuminate the skies above Disneyland. This pyrotechnic spectacle is set to the powerful music of Star Wars films.
  • Prepare for Captain Phasma and her Stormtroopers during the March of the First Order in Tomorrowland, as they search for a Resistance spy.
  • You may encounter travelers across the galaxy like Tusken Raiders and Jawas. 
  • Get ready to master a lightsaber! Attend the Lightsaber Instructional demonstration, where you will learn to handle a lightsaber through a series of elite moves, sure to bring out your inner Jedi!
  • Picture yourself in dynamic photo backdrops featuring some of the galaxy’s favorite heroes and villains, captured by Disney PhotoPass photographers at the party.
  • Explore themed snacks such as galactic churros and other out-of-this-world sweets!
  • Begin your adventure with pre-party mix-in admission to Disneyland starting at 6 p.m., no theme park reservation required.

Will you bring the power of the Force home for a rainy day? Let us know in the comments below!

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