PHOTOS: 50th Anniversary Vault Collection Decór Removed From Main Street Cinema at Magic Kingdom


Main Street cinema

PHOTOS: 50th Anniversary Vault Collection Decór Removed From Main Street Cinema at Magic Kingdom

The Main Street Cinema in Magic Kingdom has debuted a new look inside the merchandise location following the conclusion of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations.

Main Street Cinema

Main Street cinema 4/2023

The Main Street Cinema is a shop at the Magic Kingdom. During the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebrations, the Main Street Cinema was transformed into “50 Years of Magic,” and inside, you could find The Vault Collection.

The Vault Collection featured a number of re-released vintage shirts, pins, games, and more that helped celebrate the past 50 years at Walt Disney World. We compiled a complete list of every Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Vault Collection merchandise item when it first debuted in September 2021.

main street cinema new look 
vault removal

Upon looking around the newly redecorated store, we noticed that everything from the Vault Collection was almost completely gone. Only a few items remain from the Vault Collection, including a hoodie featuring vintage photos of Walt Disney World Resort, and a 25th Anniversary sweater.

IMG 8013

The Vault Collection signs have been removed along with most of the merchandise. The Mr. Toad statue that used to be displayed in the middle of the store, was removed about a month ago and placed in Town Square Theater at Magic Kingdom.

IMG 8014

It appears that general Walt Disney World merchandise is being sold here as of now. As you can see, there are plenty of Mickey Mouse shirts, totes, hats, and sweaters around the store. The display layouts have also been rearranged.

IMG 8016

A wall of hats looks neatly stocked, and there appear to be a couple of Vault Collection hats, as well as 50th Anniversary hats. We are unsure as to how long they will be available.

IMG 8018

The display cases at the front of the store no longer feature any Vault Collection merchandise. Instead, general Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney World merchandise are being displayed for the meantime.

IMG 8017

Also removed from the display cases, are “The Vault Collection” and any mention of the 50th Anniversary.


Pictured above, is how Main Street Cinema looked during the 50th Anniversary celebrations. As you can see, there were 50th banners and decorations throughout the store. Mr. Toad was displayed right in the center of all the vintage merchandise.


Vintage Magic Kingdom tickets decorated some of the walls at the store. It was a great glimpse of the past, and the whole store took you back through some of the history of Walt Disney World over the past 50 years.

How do you feel about the 50th Anniversary slowly being phased out? Let us know in the comments.

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