Muppet*Vision 3D Seats Left in Disgusting State at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Spencer Lloyd

Muppet*Vision 3D Seats Left in Disgusting State at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

While Muppet*Vision 3D at Disney’s Hollywood Studios does indeed end with an explosion, it’s only simulated and doesn’t actually affect the audience. But you wouldn’t know that based on the state of the attraction’s seating, which looks absolutely filthy.


The show’s seats appear to not have been cleaned in quite some time. The top ends of each are caked in a black grime, likely from the thousands of guests who have brought their dirt and sweat into the theater over time. These seats are upholstered, meaning they can and do absorb these things over time, and that regular cleaning is required. Given Walt Disney World’s history with maintenance and cleanliness, it’s not surprising that this is not happening.

Some seats certainly do look worse than others. In the photo above, the seats closest to the shot are the most filthy while it peters out towards the ends as the most guests sit in the middle.

Several of the wood arm rests also appear to be in need of a good scrubbing.


When taking a closer look, the black filth does indeed extend to the entire seat. It’s certainly worth wondering how many months it has been since Walt Disney World cleaned these seats.


Not only are the upholstered seats in rough shape, but the plastic seat backings are also visibly scuffed to the point that many ought to be replaced.


Deep-set scratch and scuff marks are visible on many of the seat backs from guests putting their feet up and crossing their legs during the show.

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Maintenance and Cleanliness Issues at Walt Disney World

Late last year and early this year we reported on a string of attractions and lands at the parks in absolutely awful condition, from black grime and filth covering guest-accessible areas to mold growing on decor around the parks.

In late December 2022, a visit to the Magic Kingdom revealed what may be one of the most disgusting sights we’ve ever seen at the parks — the boats of “it’s a small world” were absolutely filthy and turning black.


The yellow boats in particular highlight the issue. Black grime runs along the entire side.


The pattern extends well above the water line of the boat, beyond where contaminants from the water could sink in.


It seems unlikely that the boats have been hosed down and scrubbed for months. The gunk runs along the entire side of the boat, even up to the top where guests might rest their arms as they ride. It gets worse towards the center of the boats, where the water won’t always lap up to rinse it off.

The boats were hosed and scrubbed down around New Year’s, fortunately.

The rest of the ride remains in about as rough of a shape. Lights are burnt out or malfunctioning, and many figures are not moving or missing entirely.

toy story land mold

Even more dangerous is this black mold in Toy Story Land, shared by a reader named Vincent. The mold is spotted across the top of a round Tinker Toy at the base of a support pole, as well as in the holes on the sides. There is also trash on the ground in the corner of the photo.

Many of these issues extend beyond the basic duties of custodial Cast Members and fall on the actual overnight maintenance teams responsible for keeping these attractions in tip-top shape. In recent years we’ve spotted many maintenance issues at Walt Disney World, which despite being the company’s flagship property, seems to be the one in the most rough shape much of the time.

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