New E.T. 40th Anniversary Medallion at Universal Orlando Resort

Shannen Ace

New E.T. 40th Anniversary Medallion at Universal Orlando Resort

A new E.T. 40th anniversary medallion is available at a machine in the Universal Legacy Store at Universal Orlando Resort.

E.T. 40th Anniversary Medallion

e.t. 40th medallion coin3913

The Universal Legacy Store is in CityWalk, and the medallions machine can be found between the entrance doors inside.

e.t. 40th medallion coin3928

There are four medallion designs available in the machine. They are $5 each, or you can get all four for $15.

e.t. 40th medallion coin3911

The other three designs feature King Kong, the clock tower from “Back to the Future,” and the shark from “Jaws.” All of the medallions are golden.

e.t. 40th medallion coin3915

The E.T. coin features the silhouette of Elliott riding his bike, with E.T. in the basket. “40th Anniversary” is across the top.

e.t. 40th medallion coin3916

The other side of all four of these medallions features the Universal Studios Florida marquee logo with stars.

e.t. 40th medallion coin3918

Though the E.T. 40th anniversary medallion was just added to the machine, “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” celebrated its 40th anniversary last year.

e.t. 40th medallion coin3923

A collection of anniversary E.T. merchandise was released at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood last year. It was only last month that Universal replaced the decade-old E.T. 30th anniversary posters at E.T. Adventure in Universal Studios Florida.

E.T. Adventure

e.t. adventure

E.T. Adventure is the last remaining opening day ride at Universal Studios Florida. The other remaining opening day attractions are the shows Animal Actors on Location and Universal Orlando’s Horror Make-Up Show, which have both gone through different names and variations.

Steven Spielberg appears in the pre-show of E.T. Adventure to let guests know that they will be helping E.T. save his home, the Green Planet. Guests receive an interplanetary passport, an essential part of the ride’s finale feature. When guests get their cards, they give a Team Member their name. The Team Member assigns the name to the card, and then guests carry it through the queue. Just before the load station, a Team Member will take the cards and scan them.

Most of the queue has guests winding through a forest with a distinctive smell. A section of “forest” outside the ride was recently replaced with stroller parking.

Guests hop on a ride vehicle inspired by the film’s famous flying bikes. They dodge human police before taking off into space and arriving on the Green Planet.

At the end of the ride, after (spoiler alert) the Green Planet has been saved, E.T. says thank you to each guest by name. This is accomplished by the programming and subsequent scanning of the passport card.

The attraction also opened at Universal Studios Japan in 2001, but closed in 2009 to make way for the cult-classic Space Fantasy: The Ride.

Watch our full E.T. Adventure POV video below.

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