New Easter Bunny Mickey Mouse Plush Arrives at Disneyland

Spencer Lloyd

New Easter Bunny Mickey Mouse Plush Arrives at Disneyland

Spencer Lloyd

New Easter Bunny Mickey Mouse Plush Arrives at Disneyland

It’s already a hippity-hoppity springtime here at Disneyland, and you can chow down on a delicious Easter Egg from Candy Palace while posing with this new Easter Bunny Mickey Mouse Plush we found today at the park!

Easter Bunny Mickey Mouse Plush – $29.99

MickeyEasterPlush2023 3

Mickey is dressed complete in his Easter garb, this year as a blue bunny rabbit with a purple sparkly chest and ears. He’s also sporting a yellow flower on his left shoulder.

MickeyEasterPlush2023 1

He looks so happy to be celebrating the springtime spirit!

MickeyEasterPlush2023 2

The bottom left foot has “Disney 2023” embroidered into it.

MickeyEasterPlush2023 4

From the back, his traditional mouse tail has been replaced with a short puff like a bunny tail.

We found this at the Emporium at Disneyland.

Springtime at Disneyland

There’s plenty of fun to be had at Disneyland during springtime, like the annual Easter Eggs from Candy Palace.

pb fudge and chocolate fudge Easter eggs Disneyland candy palace

These eggs are available on every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday through Easter, but be quick to get them as they’ll go fast whenever they do become available! The line often stretches down Main Street, U.S.A. as it did for us.

Each egg was in a small plastic box decorated with colorful, patterned Easter eggs and grass. It has a very “spring-time” feel to it. There were two flavors available to try, out of five total: Peanut Butter Fudge and Chocolate Cream Fudge Easter Eggs. Flavors rotate depending on the days.


The eggs themselves are pretty big and thick and are coated with milk chocolate. They also have a small sugary daisy on top of each of them.


We cut open the egg to reveal a lot of peanut butter fudge and small chopped peanuts. The texture looks great and not too peanut-y. It looks like the saltiness from the peanut butter and nuts will counteract the sweetness from the milk chocolate.

IMG 4483 2

The inside of the Chocolate Cream Fudge Easter Egg looked so delicious and creamy inside. It looks very rich and chocolatey. We didn’t have very fond memories of the run-of-the-mill cream eggs that are available in stores every Easter, but we were excited to try this.

You can read our full review here on Disneyland News Today and see if you want to pick up an egg of your own!

We also have a full list of all the special springtime foods at both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure here on our site.

Are you excited to experience the Easter and springtime season at Disneyland? Let us know in the comments below!

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