New Haunted Mansion Sketchbook Ornaments Creep into Magic Kingdom

Oh there you are! There’s a little matter we forgot to mention — beware of hitchhiking ornaments! These new Haunted Mansion Sketchbook ornaments have made their way to the Magic Kingdom, so we stopped in for a closer look!

Haunted Mansion Sketchbook Ornament: Doom Buggy & Hitchhiking Ghosts – $29.99


The first of these two ornaments features a Doom Buggy ride vehicle, occupied by the three Hitchhiking Ghosts — Ezra, Gus, and Phineas.


Ezra holds his decapitated head above his head with one hand, and grips the safety bar with the other. Next to him, Gus looks as old and crotchety as ever, gripping both hands on the safety bar. On the ceiling we see Phineas lounging as the Doom Buggy journeys through the Mansion. He’s got quite a relaxed expression on his face.


Interestingly, it appears that Ezra’s eyes will move directions. You can see his eyes changed positions between the two photos.


The back side shows nothing interesting in particular, except copyright marks and the backs of both the Doom Buggy and Phineas. The ornament label claims it lights up, but the function was seemingly not working or very subtle when we tried.

Haunted Mansion Sketchbook Ornament: Coffin & Band – $29.99


The other new arrival to the pack today is a new coffin-shaped ornament featuring two members of the swinging wake in the graveyard band.


The base of the ornament is coffin-shaped, and the two characters are the same ghostly white-blue hue we see on the ride. One plays the bagpipes, while the other plays the lyre.

We found both of these at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom. It’s a convenient location to stop by after riding the Haunted Mansion right down the street after all! Let us know if you’ll bring these two ornaments home for the holidays in the comments below.

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