New Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Sweater at Walt Disney World

Shannen Ace

New Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Sweater at Walt Disney World

A new Oswald the Lucky Rabbit sweater is available at Walt Disney World, just the latest Oswald merch released in honor of Disney’s 100th anniversary.

Oswald Sweater – $64.99

oswald sweater 7775

The pullover sweater is white, with a large blue stripe across the center and “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” on the stripe.

oswald sweater 7769

Oswald himself is pictured on the left breast, while “27” (the year of Oswald’s debut) is in red on the right.

oswald sweater 7770

It has a red and black-striped collar.

oswald sweater 7771

The sleeves are white, blue, and black with red wrists.

oswald sweater 7773

“Disney Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” is in black lettering on the back of the sweater.

oswald sweater 7772

We found the sweater in the Emporium, along with the Oswald jersey.

Will you be wearing this Oswald the Lucky Rabbit sweater? Let us know in the comments!

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit animated short

Envisioned by Walt himself and animator Ub Iwerks, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was one of the very first Disney characters to have a personality, as well as the first to see major success. The Alice Comedies certainly garnered a strong reputation of hits, but its star was a real person placed on an animated background. This time around, the animation was the star.

Oswald debuted in the 1927 animated short “Trolley Troubles.”

At the time, Walt Disney did not have the means nor the notoriety to distribute his own art or wield absolute creative control. In a 1928 business deal largely favoring the distributor (Universal), Disney lost the rights to Oswald entirely when he decided to walk away from the partnership, while the majority of his animators stayed behind. This event ultimately led to the creation of Mickey Mouse on the train ride home from New York City, a new replacement star who’d remain under strict in-house ownership and hopefully at least catch similar financial sustenance.

Of course, Mickey Mouse became a global phenomenon, the mascot of the entire Disney universe of stories and projects, and a household name with 95 years of continuous relevance.

The Walt Disney Company remained separated from its original animated character until 2006 when the rights to the character were exchanged for sports broadcaster Al Michaels being transferred from ABC and ESPN to NBC Sports.

The Lucky Rabbit is certainly a cornerstone of Disney history and will likely continue to be celebrated through merchandise, experiences, and media as the 100th-anniversary festivities enter the spotlight. 94 years after the last Oswald cartoon with Walt Disney’s direct involvement, Walt Disney Animation Studios produced a new animated short celebrating this character’s legacy as one of the original Disney Bros. success stories. Watch it below.

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