PHOTOS: New Exhibit Shows the Making of ‘Disney Harmony in Color’ Parade at Tokyo Disney Resort

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PHOTOS: New Exhibit Shows the Making of ‘Disney Harmony in Color’ Parade at Tokyo Disney Resort

Although many non-locals might not take much pleasure in the Tokyo Disney Resort: Encore the Moments exhibit in Ikspiari given its focus on mostly seasonal events through the years, a new addition to the museum shows off the making of their latest parade “Disney Harmony in Color!”

DisneyHarmonyinColor 2

For each anniversary event, Tokyo Disney Resort has presented a daytime parade that serves to represent the park. The process of creating a parade always begins with deciding on a concept. This parade, which kicks off the Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary celebration, began production based on the wish of expressing and sharing the themes of adventure, courage, family bonds, and friendship. To best realize this vision, a “harmonious world of colors” was selected as the concept of the parade. Using colorful flower petal designs and motifs, “Disney Harmony in Color” has become a parade that presents various Disney stories intertwining in harmony, and expresses the continuity of these dream-filled stories.

The first section focuses on the parade costumes.

DisneyHarmonyinColor 3

One of the most visually important parts of the parade is the costumes, and their production begins with design illustrations that embody the parade’s theme, originality, and beauty. Design illustrations of costumes for over 100 performers are all unique and colorfully designed. The designers create these illustrations from the perspective of the participants who will be performing in the costumes.

The costumes must not only be aesthetically beautiful, but also lightweight and comfortable to perform in. The costumes must be made using, materials and sewn in a way that is durable enough to withstand The parade, which is held every day during the event period. No compromises are allowed in the details of the costume, from the shoes to hats and other accessories.

Here in this exhibit, samples of fabrics and parts that were actually used in the costume production process are on display.

DisneyHarmonyinColor 4

Once the design sketch is created, the designer and the production staff discuss and determine the fabric for each individual part of the costumes. Here we see samples of the ornaments that were used to decorate a character’s costume. The design process of the distinctive hem of Mickey Mouse’s jacket was repeatedly examined by using a miniature model costume.

DisneyHarmonyinColor 5

Here we have design sketches of the parade’s costumes. With the thematic elements of each performer’s role serving as the basis, the designer will conceptualize costumes that are elegant and Disney-like, as well as lightweight and comfortable.

DisneyHarmonyinColor 6

Various fabrics are modeled as well.

DisneyHarmonyinColor 7
DisneyHarmonyinColor 8

On the wall is a layout of every single float, their dancers, and their characters, both on the units and walking down the route.

DisneyHarmonyinColor 9

The heart of this parade, which extends over 500 meters, is the floats that invite guests to a magnificent journey through the world of stories. All floats are decorated with vividly colored flower petal motifs and feature a wide array of characters, starting with Tinker Bell at the forefront of the parade. Many other beloved characters also appear on colorful, fun-filled floats, including those from “Zootopia,” “Moana,” “Wreck-It Ralph,” and “Coco.” In this exhibit, image sketches and models of floats, which were both depicted through various stories, are on display.

DisneyHarmonyinColor 10

Floats are examined from various angles to visualize their final look. The models are made at 1/10 scale and are used to examine how the participating characters will be seen from the guests’ point of view, as well as to test how effectively the floats can function to portray the themes of the parade.

DisneyHarmonyinColor 30
DisneyHarmonyinColor 19

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from “Zootopia” make an appearance in the Trying Everything unit. Together they set out on exciting new missions, along with their hilarious friend Clawhauser.

DisneyHarmonyinColor 31
IMG 8584

Guests see Russell, Dug and Carl from Pixar’s “Up” set off on a new adventure with the legendary bird Kevin and her babies in the Finding Adventure unit.

DisneyHarmonyinColor 27
DisneyHarmonyinColor 17

The Showing Strength unit features three parts. First is Moana, leading the charge in her canoe.

DisneyHarmonyinColor 15

Then we see Rapunzel and her tower, swinging around the top using her hair. It’s a real showstopper moment in the real parade!

DisneyHarmonyinColor 11

Finally, Pocahontas rounds things out in her forest as the only traditionally-animated character to get a place on a float other than Mickey and the gang.

DisneyHarmonyinColor 29
DisneyHarmonyinColor 18

The first Family Bonds unit features Miguel from “Coco” as he celebrates a colorful Day of the Dead festival with his familia.

DisneyHarmonyinColor 28
DisneyHarmonyinColor 16

Second in line we have The Incredibles. This float features a “super family,” led by Mr. Incredible. Mrs. Incredible and the whole family also make an appearance while trying to keep a giant baby Jack-Jack out of mischief! Plus you might even smell his cookies…

DisneyHarmonyinColor 26
DisneyHarmonyinColor 12
DisneyHarmonyinColor 13

Woody and Buzz Lightyear appear atop RC the remote control car, followed by Vanellope and Ralph in her beloved racing car in the With Your Best Friends unit.

DisneyHarmonyinColor 14

The second part features the entire Big Hero 6 superhero team along with Mochi the cat, held by Baymax.

DisneyHarmonyinColor 32
DisneyHarmonyinColor 21

Finally, we come to the grand finale unit — Dreams Come Together in Harmony. In a thrilling finale, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse sporting 40th anniversary attire, accompanied by other delightful Disney friends, appear on a beautiful float adorned in a spectrum of sparkling colors. The float’s arrival sets the stage for many more wonderful moments and dreams coming together to create a colorful, harmonious future for all.

DisneyHarmonyinColor 22

The “Disney Harmony in Color” finale is decorated with colorful petals that depict Disney characters, so that the dreams of various Disney Friends can also come together. This sample was used to test the combination of certain characters and colors, as well as the ways in which the characters were to be portrayed.

DisneyHarmonyinColor 23
DisneyHarmonyinColor 20

This is a full-scale sample of a flower petal attached to the floats. Many petals of different sizes adorn the floats of the parade.

DisneyHarmonyinColor 24

At the exit, we see a massive print of the parade’s concept art released earlier this year.

DisneyHarmonyinColor 25

Finally, a large photo op sits on the wall for taking photos with the 40th Anniversary key art.

You can visit this exhibit by purchasing tickets to Tokyo Disney Resort: Encore the Moments here. The entire space features costumes from past events and shows like the “Happiness is Here Parade,” “The Legend of Mythica,” and “Bonfire Dance.”

You can also watch a full performance of “Disney Harmony in Color” above, and check out our post for photos of the real units too.

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