PHOTOS: New Lightning Lane Sign Installed to Avoid Confusion at Peter Pan’s Flight in Magic Kingdom


new Peter Pan's Flight LL sign MK

PHOTOS: New Lightning Lane Sign Installed to Avoid Confusion at Peter Pan’s Flight in Magic Kingdom

New Lightning Lane signage has been installed outside of Peter Pan’s Flight at Magic Kingdom, closer to where guests will actually enter the often overflowing queue.

New Peter Pan’s Flight Lightning Lane Sign

new lightning lane sign
Peter Pan's Flight

The new permanent Lightning Lane signage for Peter Pan’s Flight has been installed in the outdoor part of the queue. The new sign features a gold post and a regal design.

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At the bottom of the sign, there is a star that looks like the second star on the right from the animated “Peter Pan” movie.

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It is not uncommon to see the Lightning Lane queue spill out to here or even closer to Mickey’s Philharmagic, where a cast member with a temporary sign would usually be standing. This would appear to be an attempt to alleviate that situation.

The original Lightning Lane signage for Peter Pan’s Flight is still present near the entrance, featuring a clock to indicate what time it is.

Peter Pan’s Flight at Magic Kingdom


Peter Pan’s Flight is a popular ride at most of the Disney Parks around the world. It can be found in Fantasyland at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, and Shanghai Disney.

Each of the Peter Pan’s Flight rides around the world, features a unique exterior, walk through queue, and ride experience. The ride is based on the 1953 animated Disney classic “Peter Pan.”

The Magic Kingdom version of the attraction opened on October 3, 1971 — just a few days after opening day. It features an omni-mover style ramp similar to the “Haunted Mansion.”

The queue for the ride takes you through the Darling’s house. You’ll see recognizable characters such as Nana the dog, and even Tinkerbell.

Once you approach the ride boarding area, you’ll enter your own pirate ship. Cast Members will then sprinkle some pixie dust on your pirate ship so that you’ll be able to fly and off you go.

The ride will take you through scenes from the movie. You’ll will have the feeling that you are flying as you sail over the Darling’s nursery where you’ll see a tea party with Raggedy Ann and Andy.

You will also fly over The Lost Boys Camp, Mermaid Lagoon, and Captain Hook’s ship. Although it looks like you are flying high in the air, you are only a short distance from the ground. Disney Imagineers used forced perspective to give guests the feeling that they are magically soaring through the air.

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