PHOTOS: New Merchandise With Prices For ‘The Little Mermaid’ Live Action Remake in Walt Disney World

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PHOTOS: New Merchandise With Prices For ‘The Little Mermaid’ Live Action Remake in Walt Disney World

As we prepare for the release of the new live-action “The Little Mermaid” remake, we found a new merchandise line for the film at Bonjour! Village Gifts and the Emporium in Magic Kingdom, and in the Fantasia gift shop in Disney’s Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World.

emporium little mermaid display 1


The following merchandise was spotted at the Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom.

emporium little mermaid display 3

A new display with merchandise for the live action remake is filled with new selections.

emporium little mermaid display 2

An image of Halle Bailey as Ariel is on the front of the display.

‘The Little Mermaid’ Singing Ariel Doll – $34.99

ariel doll 1

A singing Ariel doll comes with a mermaid outfit and a blue dress as seen in the movie stills. The film is set to release in theaters May 26, 2023.

ariel doll 2

The doll’s mermaid tail is iridescent and shimmery.

ariel doll 4

Ariel’s hair has several twists in it, reminiscent of the styling for Bailey’s rendition of the character. The box reads: “I Sing!” in English, French, and Spanish.

ariel doll 3

The packaging also features printed artwork of Sebastian along the bottom.

‘The Little Mermaid’ Singing Seashell Necklace – $11.99

the little mermaid shell necklace 1

A singing seashell necklace toy features lights and sounds.

the little mermaid shell necklace 4

It is made of shimmery, golden plastic. “Try Me! Lights & Sounds!” is printed on the box.

the little mermaid shell necklace 2

A QR code on the back links to the movie’s soundtrack. This QR code is on the back of all the toys in this collection.

‘The Little Mermaid’ King Triton’s All-Powerful Trident – $24.99

triton toy

Children can also “Command the Seas” with this All-Powerful Trident.

King Tritons Trident 3

This toy is motion activated with lights and sound.

King Tritons Trident 4

A bubbly graphic patterns the side of the packaging.

King Tritons Trident 1

When inactive, the trident is gold and green.

King Tritons Trident 5

The trident is plastic and rated for ages three and older.

King Tritons Trident 2

The trident appears to change colors when commanding the seas.

‘The Little Mermaid’ Ariel’s Found Treasures Set – $34.99

little mermaid found treasures 3

Next up, we have a set of treasures with a spinning compass.

little mermaid found treasures 1

The set comes with a bag, treasures, and an expandable spyglass. The back reads: “Pretend to go on adventures under the sea to find hidden treasures, just like Ariel!”

little mermaid found treasures 2

The bag has decorative elements and is bright orange.

‘The Little Mermaid’ Ariel and Sisters Set – $39.99

Ariel and Sisters 1

The Ariel & Sisters Set comes with seven mermaid action figures.

Ariel and Sisters 2

A playset for the sisters, sold separately, is shown on the back of the packaging.

Youth Top – $24.99

Youth top tlm 1

This youth tee is a pale blue with ruffled sleeves and a printed graphic on the front.

Youth top tlm 3

The back has no additional design.

Youth top tlm 2

Ariel poses with Flounder in front of pink sea life. It reads “Curious & Kind.”

Mermaid Key Chain – $12.99

Mermaid Keychain teal 2

Declare your true identity with this “MERMAID” keychain.

Mermaid Keychain teal 1

It includes a plastic image of Ariel, MERMAID lettering with pink seashell beads, and a golden shell. It also comes with a clasp attached.

Earrings Set – $29.99

little mermaid earrings 1

This trio of earrings features a purple, teal, and gold palette. It includes a set of earrings made to look like pearls.

little mermaid earrings 2

The largest pair are asymmetrical in their design.

Necklace – $29.99

little mermaid necklace 3

This necklace features gold chains, charms, and a satin ribbon.

little mermaid necklace 2

The chains have pearls hanging in intervals.

little mermaid necklace 4

A large golden seashell is attached near the bottom of the necklace.

little mermaid necklace 1

To wear this accessory, simply tie the ribbon in a bow around your neck.

Bonjour! Village Gifts

We found the following merchandise for “The Little Mermaid” at Bonjour! Village Gifts in Magic Kingdom.

tlm pillow and blanket set 4

‘The Little Mermaid’ Ariel Doll – $26.99

tlm doll 4

A plush covered Ariel doll is available as part of this merchandise line.

tlm doll 3

She has long twirls of red hair.

tlm doll 2

She is about a foot tall and wears a scale-patterned top to match her tail.

A new merchandise line for "The Little Mermaid" was spotted around Walt Disney World.

Her facial features are comprised of satin stitch embroidery.

tlm doll 5

Ariel’s mermaid tail is teal and iridescent pink.

Denim Jacket – $79.99

Denim Jacket tlm 5

We also spied an undersea-themed denim jacket.

Denim Jacket tlm 2

The back features Ariel and Flounder with “Ready to Stand” written across the shoulders in white embroidery.

Denim Jacket tlm 4

The bottom detailing is a mixture of embroidery and print details. King Triton’s trident is also on display.

Denim Jacket tlm 3

The pocket graphic has a stylized Sebastian looking surprised in a pool of water.

Denim Jacket tlm 6

“Ready to Stand” is decorated with a pink flower.

Denim Jacket tlm 1

Ariel swims amongst a myriad of sea life with her buddy, Flounder.

Spirit Jersey – $79.99

tlm spirit jersey 1

A Disney merchandise line wouldn’t be complete without a Sprit Jersey. We found this pale purple piece at this shop as well.

tlm spirit jersey 3

The back reads: “Part of Your World” in teal and purple glittery puffed letters.

tlm spirit jersey 4

The letters are textured to look a bit like sea coral, we think.

tlm spirit jersey 5

Ariel poses with a dinglehopper alongside Sebastian and Flounder.

tlm spirit jersey 2

The front graphic is a small silhouette of Ariel.

Button Down Short-Sleeved Shirt – $59.99

tlm button down 4

This short-sleeved button down shirt has a vibrant print inspired by Ariel’s best friends in “The Little Mermaid.”

tlm button down 3

Flounder, Sebastian, and Scuttle are pictured alongside various sea life.

tlm button down 2

The background is solid black with small blue bubbles speckled throughout.

Tee Shirt – $34.99

tlm tee 1

We also found a gray tee shirt with a stylized graphic on the front.

tlm tee 2

Ariel poses dramatically alongside a colorful spray of sea life.

Dress – $128.00

tlm dress 1

An adult’s dress features a vibrant pattern inspired by ocean life.

tlm dress 3

The back is made of wide elastic for a snug fit.

tlm dress 2

Colorful pastels top an eggshell background on this summery frock.

Youth Dress – $34.99

tlm Youth Dress 1

We also spotted a dress for children. Ariel and Flounder are printed on a tie-dyed blue background.

tlm Youth Dress 2

The dress is a racerback design.

tlm Youth Dress 3

Beneath Ariel is a two-tiered skirt in green and pink.

Minnie Mouse Ears – $34.99

tlm ears 3

These shimmering pink, purple and blue Minnie Mouse ears have also been added to “The Little Mermaid” merchandise collection.

tlm ears 2

The back of the ears have the same golden scale pattern as the front. The headband is covered in purple plush.

tlm ears 4

A blue bow with imagery of Ariel and ocean life is decorated with a golden trident and large pink gem.

tlm ears 5

The central gem has an emerald cut, and the ears are lined with plastic pearls.

tlm ears 1

Water Bottle – $29.99

tlm water bottle 5

A dark blue water bottle with purple lid features Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder, and Scuttle.

tlm water bottle 4

Ariel smiles amongst floating sea life.

tlm water bottle 3

The imagery is stylized to look like vector art.

tlm water bottle 2

A straw folds down into the lid when not in use.

tlm water bottle 1

Scrunchie Set – $16.99

scrunchies 1

A set of three scrunchies with different images on each include pink, purple and blue options.

scrunchies 4

The pink scrunchie has plastic pearls attached to the fabric in intervals.

scrunchies 3

The blue scrunchie has the same graphic print as the Minnie Mouse ears.

scrunchies 2

The purple scrunchie does not have a pattern, but instead has a blue plastic seashell with tiny seashell glitter pieces inside.

Pillow and Blanket Set – $39.99

tlm pillow and blanket set 5

This pillow has a large graphic of Ariel on the front and is stuffed with a blanket.

tlm pillow and blanket set 6

The back pictures Ariel with her sisters.

tlm pillow and blanket set 3

A zipper holds the blanket inside.

tlm pillow and blanket set 8

The blanket has a faux Sherpa lining. The interior of the pillow bag is lined with fleece.

Snow Globe – $16.99

snow globe 2

Ariel poses with her sisters for this snow globe.

snow globe 1

The opposite side shows Ariel with Flounder and reads: “Curious & Kind.”

snow globe 3

The snow globe’s base has seaweed, starfish, and bubbles raised along the edge.

Beach Scented Candle – $24.99

tlm beach candle 3

This lidded candle has ocean imagery printed on the exterior and is scented to smell like the beach.

tlm beach candle 6

It features a colorful pattern and a lilac-colored lid.

tlm beach candle 5
tlm beach candle 4

The lid has a small handle and comes taped to the candle for safer transport.

tlm beach candle 2

The candle is official merchandise for “The Little Mermaid” and is “Beach” scented.

tlm beach candle 1

It is a single-wick candle.

Magnet – $12.49

tlm magnet 2

This magnet for “The Little Mermaid” features the same image of Ariel as we’ve seen on much of the merchandise.

tlm magnet 1

She poses with Flounder and it reads “Curious & Kind.”

Fantasia Gift Shop

We saw the following merchandise at the Fantasia shop in Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

tlm youth tee fantasia 4

Youth Tee Shirt – $39.99

tlm youth tee fantasia 1

This children’s shirt is a seafoam green tee with a colorful graphic print of Ariel and Flounder on the front.

tlm youth tee fantasia 3

The back is blank.

tlm youth tee fantasia 2

Additional sea life is also pictured.

Youth and Toddler Tee Shirt With All Over Print- $21.99

youth toddler aop tee tlm 1

This is an all-over-print top with Scuttle, Flounder, and Ariel on a light gray tee shirt.

youth toddler aop tee tlm 2

Ariel admires a dinglehopper.

Cropped Youth and Toddler Tee Shirt – $24.99

tlm youth and toddler cropped tee 1

Ariel poses with her sisters atop a painterly pink, blue, and purple watercolor background on this cropped child’s tee.

tlm youth and toddler cropped tee 2

Above the mermaids is printed “Under the Sea.”

tlm youth and toddler cropped tee 3

The watercolor pattern continues on the back.

What do you think of the new line for “The Little Mermaid”? Will you be making any of these pieces part of your world? We’d love to see your opinions in the comments below.

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