REVIEW: Happy Haunts Milkshake Returns from the Grave to Columbia Harbour House for Halfway to Halloween 2023 at the Magic Kingdom

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REVIEW: Happy Haunts Milkshake Returns from the Grave to Columbia Harbour House for Halfway to Halloween 2023 at the Magic Kingdom

While the 50th Anniversary only just left us less than a month ago, one of its treats has come back from the dead already for Halfway to Halloween 2023 here at the Magic Kingdom. Just for this event, you can try the Happy Haunts Milkshake when you stop by Columbia Harbour House for the next few days.

Happy Haunts Milkshake – $7.99

Blackberry milkshake topped with a purple chocolate-glazed doughnut covered with black sprinkles


This is a must. The blackberry milkshake isn’t tart; it’s sweet, but just enough. It’s not too artificial. The glazed chocolate donut on top had a nice soft and flaky texture. The star is the themed paper straw, which looks like the Haunted Mansion wallpaper. It’s a wonderful touch to an already delicious milkshake. You should make a point to get this before it vanishes once again!

You can try the Happy Haunts Milkshake for a limited time at Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom. Unlike other Halfway to Halloween treats, Disney didn’t note when this will go away again.

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