Teaser Released for ‘The Muppets Mayhem,’ Streaming Premiere Date Announced

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The Muppets Mayhem begins streaming May 10.

Teaser Released for ‘The Muppets Mayhem,’ Streaming Premiere Date Announced

“The Muppets Mayhem,” an original series, is streaming starting May 10 on Disney+. All episodes will be available for viewing at release.

“The Muppets Mayhem”

Unlike many other shows offered on Disney+, “The Muppets Mayhem” will begin streaming all episodes in the season at once on May 10.

Disney+ officially announced the streaming date on their Twitter account. Check out the original post and video here:


“The Muppets Mayhem” is co-created by Bill Barretta, Jeff Yorkes, and Adam F. Goldberg. It stars Lilly Singh as Nora, an aspiring record producer who is helping Electric Mayhem record their first album. Nora has help from her social media influencer sister, Hannah (Saara Chaudry), and Electric Mayhem fan, Gary “Moog” Moogowski (Tahj Mowry).

The Muppets Mayhem begins streaming May 10.
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The premise of the show brings an old-school band to the modern age with newer ways of making music. The comedy of it lies in juxtaposing older ideals with newer expectations. In addition, The Muppets play a group of characters that have no real goals or ambitions; they are relaxed and non-committal about their plans. When a character enters the story that’s determined to get them to work towards a more specific future, it creates conflict and a humorous element. This dichotomy is one of the show’s comedic pillars. 

Yorkes said of the band and their story, “They get along better than Fleetwood Mac. But they’re definitely from a different era. The conceit of the show is bringing this old-school band to the modern age and way of making music. That’s the comedy of it. They’re a group of characters that have no real goals or ambitions. Whatever you want to do, they roll with it. So, when you have a character that’s really determined to get them to do something, that’s also the comedy of the show. It’s Type A wrestling with Type, I would even say, C.”

“They want to remain true to themselves, but they don’t want to leave anybody out,” Barretta said. “How do you find that balance? That’s every musician or artist’s struggle — they would love everybody to love them. What’s fun about this band is we like to take the creative approach that they can play just about anything. That allows us to dip ourselves into different types of music and be silly and have fun with it.”

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