Three Festival of Fantasy Parade Floats Missing at Magic Kingdom

Shannen Ace

Three Festival of Fantasy Parade Floats Missing at Magic Kingdom

Three Festival of Fantasy parade floats are missing from performances at Magic Kingdom right now. The parade was gone from the park for two years before returning just in time for its eighth anniversary last March. It saw some changes that made it shorter, like the cut of the “Brave” float and fewer dancers. Now it’s even shorter with the princess garden, Pinocchio, and “Tangled” floats all missing.

Missing Festival of Fantasy Floats

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The lead float featuring the Disney Princesses has been out of commission for quite a bit. Instead, the princesses and their princes are appearing on the gazebo float often used in cavalcades.

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Tiana, Naveen, Belle, the Beast, Rapunzel, Flynn, Cinderella, and Prince Charming are all packed onto the gazebo, which is decorated with spring flowers. The usual princess float would also feature Anna and Elsa but instead, they are not currently appearing in the parade.

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The full “Tangled” unit that usually follows the first float is also missing. This includes the characters and dancers on the ground. Instead, the parade skips right to “The Little Mermaid” unit. Reportedly, the “Tangled” float ran during yesterday’s noon performance, but was gone from the 3:00 p.m. performance that we photographed.

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Near the end of the parade, the Maleficent float is usually followed by a float featuring Pinocchio. But it has been gone since March 24.

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Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs, Alice, the Mad Hatter, and Jiminy Cricket dance after the Maleficent float as usual.

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Usually, some of Mickey and Minnie’s friends would dance in front of their hot air balloon float. But in order to spread out the dancers a bit more, they have been moved to the back of the parade behind the float.

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Coincidentally, the missing princess garden float and Pinocchio float were both originally from the Jubilation! parade at Tokyo Disneyland. Jubilation! debuted as part of Tokyo Disneyland’s 25th anniversary celebrations in 2008 and ran until 2013. Two of the floats were then transferred to Magic Kingdom for Festival of Fantasy, which debuted in 2014.

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Festival of Fantasy Parade

festival of fantasy 2

The princess garden float was given a slight makeover when Festival of Fantasy returned last year, with new flowers and giant ribbons on the front where Belle and the Beast stand.

festival of fantasy 4

The rest of the float has slowly spinning sections with the other princesses. This float originated in the Jubilation! parade at Tokyo Disneyland in 2008 before moving to Walt Disney World.

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Dancers in colorful dresses and braids, along with Ulfa the mime, usually led the “Tangled” unit.

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Rapunzel stands at the front of the float and Pascal is perched atop a sign for The Snuggly Duckling.

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Flynn, Maximus, and some of the ruffians stand on giant swinging axes behind Rapunzel. The float resembles a Nordic Viking ship.

festival of fantasy 4699
festival of fantasy 4728

The Pinocchio float has the puppet-turned-real-boy sitting atop a colorful depiction of Monstro the whale.

festival of fantasy 4729

Behind Pinocchio is a tiny carnival featuring a swing ride, roller-coaster, and Ferris wheel.

festival of fantasy 4731
festival of fantasy 4732

Acrobats in swings would perform at the back of the float.

Watch our video of Festival of Fantasy from March 2022 below.

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