‘Magic Happens’ Parade Float Replicated Entirely in LEGO Bricks for Disney100 Celebration

Jonathan D

‘Magic Happens’ Parade Float Replicated Entirely in LEGO Bricks for Disney100 Celebration

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Disney, a parade float made entirely of LEGO bricks was constructed for the Making Wonder YouTube series.

Celebrating Dozens of Years with Thousands of Bricks

With the company’s Burbank headquarters as a backdrop, LEGO Master Builder Pete Donne presented a sparkling lavender, cerulean, and silver construction based on a real parade float that was originally designed by Catie Dellemonac — Art Director for Disney Live Entertainment.

Magic Happens parade

This is Mickey Mouse’s float, and the first that comes out during the “Magic Happens” parade at Disneyland Park. To introduce the unit, Dellemonac was asked about her role at Disney Live Entertainment as well as the float itself.

As an art director, I really set the stage for all of our entertainment offerings that we have, designing photo locations to festivals — really just telling the story of our Disney characters and bringing them to life.

disney lego parade float

Compared with its LEGO counterpart, the resemblance and attention to detail is remarkable.

It is unreal. I never would’ve thought when we were creating this design that I would see it like this. It is so cool.

The two hosts were quite enamored with the design as well. Donne explained of his design:

I really like that there’s a lot of fabric transitions, which are in the original float, which I thought was beautiful and it translates really well into brick.

The full eight minute video is viewable below:

The video also featured a new dance to the “Magic Happens” theme song by popular online dancers Tianne and Heaven King.

The Centennial Celebration

Festivities for the 100th anniversary are ongoing, and there are plenty of opportunities to take part in special events and merchandise offerings.

Disney100 Emporium Magic Kingdom Decor6

Collectible medallions are scattered throughout Walt Disney World, with various machines providing different designs.

Additionally, a first look was recently offered into the Disney100 1960s Decades Collection, including merchandise based on “One Hundred and One Dalmatians.” All prior decades are currently in circulation, check them out below:

More Disney100 news, including information on happenings at the two primary celebration hubs — Disneyland Park and EPCOT:

How are you celebrating “100 Years of Wonder” at home? What’s the most elaborate LEGO build you’ve ever attempted? Let us know in the comments.

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