New Raya & the Last Dragon, Princess & the Frog, Mr. Toad, and Orange Bird Ear Hat Ornaments at Walt Disney World

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New Raya & the Last Dragon, Princess & the Frog, Mr. Toad, and Orange Bird Ear Hat Ornaments at Walt Disney World

Four new Mickey ear hat ornaments inspired by “Raya and the Last Dragon,” “The Princess and the Frog,” Mr. Toad, and Orange Bird are now available at Walt Disney World. They can be found at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe, the year-round holiday store in Liberty Square at Magic Kingdom.

Light-Up “Raya and the Last Dragon” Ear Hat Ornament – $24.99

ear hat ornaments 3167

All of these ornaments are shaped like Mickey Mouse ear hats, with a central dome and two circular ears. The dome of this ornament is transparent and swirly, like the waves of water, with Sisu the dragon sitting on top.

ear hat ornaments 3168

Raya is pictured on the right ear, with a green border around her.

ear hat ornaments 3169

The ornament has a detachable teal ribbon.

ear hat ornaments 3170

On the other ear are Dyan, Pan, and Uka, the trio of Ongis who join Raya’s team.

ear hat ornaments 3172

Sisu’s tail drapes over the back of the dome.

ear hat ornaments 3173

Boun is on the back of one of the ears.

ear hat ornaments 3174

Tuk Tuk, Raya’s pet/friend who is a mix of an armadillo and pill bug, is on the back of the other ear.

ear hat ornaments 3175

The dome lights up white-blue beneath Sisu.

“The Princess and the Frog” Ear Hat Ornament – $24.99

ear hat ornaments 3179

The center of this ornament is a Princess Tiana figure, with the two ears sticking out of her skirt. She’s wearing her iconic green wedding dress and tiara. The ornament’s detachable green ribbon clips onto the back of her head.

ear hat ornaments 3180

The ears are rimmed with blue gems. Prince Naveen (in human form) is on the front of one ear and Louis the alligator is playing his trumpet on the other ear.

ear hat ornaments 3183

Dr. Facilier and Ray the firefly are on the backs of the ears.

ear hat ornaments 3184

Facilier holds up a group of tarot cards.

Check out our most recent construction update about Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, a new “Princess and the Frog” attraction coming soon to Magic Kingdom.

Mr. Toad Ear Hat Ornament – $24.99

ear hat ornaments 3187

The dome of this ear hat ornament resembles Mr. Toad’s famous red car, complete with headlights, wheels, and windshield. Mr. Toad sits in the black seat of his car, happily steering it to and fro. The red detachable ribbon connects to the back of Mr. Toad’s head.

ear hat ornaments 3189

Mr. Toad’s friends, Mr. Rat and Mr. Mole, are pictured on the fronts of the ears, which stick out from the side doors of the car.

ear hat ornaments 3190

Mr. Toad was introduced in “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad,” a 1949 Disney film. The Mr. Toad section is based on “The Wind in the Willows” by Kenneth Grahame. Mr. Toad has solidified himself as an iconic Disney character through Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, a Disneyland attraction.

ear hat ornaments 3191

ear hat ornaments 3192

On the backs of the ears are the prosecutor and Angus MacBadger.

ear hat ornaments 3193

The backgrounds of the ears are light blue with gold-brown borders.

Orange Bird Ear Hat Ornament – $24.99

ear hat ornaments 4187

Finally, this ear hat ornament is inspired by Orange Bird, a mascot created by Disney for the Florida Citrus Commission, which sponsored the Enchanted Tiki Room and Sunshine Tree Terrace at Magic Kingdom. Orange Bird has since evolved into a more general Walt Disney World mascot, often appearing on merchandise and at EPCOT festivals.

ear hat ornaments 4188

The dome of the ear hat ornament resembles an orange with a yellow edge. The ears look like orange slices.

ear hat ornaments 4190

An Orange Bird figure sits on top. The green detachable ribbon connects to his head.

ear hat ornaments 4191

On the backs of the orange slices are two Orange Bird faces.

ear hat ornaments 4192

One is smiling with a wide open beak and big eyes.

ear hat ornaments 4193

The other is wearing white sunglasses.

ear hat ornaments 4194

The bottom of the ornament also looks like the inside of a sliced orange.

These Sketchbook ornaments were all designed by artist Costa Alavezos. They are also available on shopDisney, along with a “Luca” ear hat ornament.

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