PHOTOS: New Directional Signage Appears Near Car Care Center at Walt Disney World

Justin Giglio

PHOTOS: New Directional Signage Appears Near Car Care Center at Walt Disney World

New directional traffic signage has been appearing all over Walt Disney World, and today we noticed this new sign near the Car Care Center beside Magic Kingdom.

New Sign Near Car Care Center

car care center sign

The blue sign can be seen by cars exiting the Car Care Center near the entrance of Magic Kingdom. It matches the other blue signage we have seen across the resort replacing the iconic purple and red signs. This sign points motorists to turn right to “Guest Areas.” A Mickey ear silhouette stands on top, with a right arrow in Mickey’s right ear.

The Car Care Center is a full-service automotive facility that offers auto repairs, roadside assistance, and car rentals for guests of Walt Disney World. It offers complimentary shuttle service to the Transportation and Ticket Center, which additionally provides complimentary transportation to the various theme parks and resorts.

Other Walt Disney World Traffic Signage Installations

Another new sign has been installed on the westbound portion of Buena Vista Drive. It stands at the intersection of the aforementioned Drive and Esplanade Ave; the same intersection where motorists turn left to enter Disney’s Riviera Resort.

digital sign riviera59

Orange and blue marker flags dot the grass in the median. These flags are indicators for construction crews of what utilities can be found underground. An orange utility flag typically stands for phone and telecommunication lines, alarm or signal lines, cables or conduits, and fiber optics. A blue utility flag typically stands for potable (drinking) water.

This section of Buena Vista Drive runs between Disney’s Riviera Resort and the back side of EPCOT. Just beyond the treeline on the driver’s right-hand side is the back of World Showcase. As you continue westbound you’ll find directional signage that directs motorists to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, ESPN Wide World of Sports, and the EPCOT Resort area.

digital sign riviera60

While this new digital sign is not yet active, it appears that its construction is complete. It could be utilized for a variety of purposes. It may be implemented for traffic updates, park status updates, or even as a digital exit sign.

world drive screen sign 3348

Over the past year, we’ve been witnessing the old purple and red exit signs from the 1990s being replaced with blue and gold signage. Now, we are starting to see a surge of more digital signs with the blue background take over.

This digital sign was installed over southbound World Drive at Walt Disney World Resort earlier this month. It is the largest digital sign installed at Walt Disney World Resort so far, and spans almost the entire width of the road.

The stretch of roadway the sign occupies rests between Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. Now that the sign is operating, it informs guests that all three lanes lead to the EPCOT Resort Area, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The side of the screen points to the next right for EPCOT and Disney Springs.

Stripes across the digital screen only appear in photos — the signs are much easier to read in person. Most of the words are white, but “all three lanes” is in yellow. “Next right” is on a bright yellow rectangle with a white arrow.

wdw digital sign near animal kingdom resort exit

In late March, another new digital sign was installed on World Drive North near the Blizzard Beach and Animal Kingdom Resort area exit.

world drive digital sign 0090

In February, we also spotted a digital sign that popped up at the end of the ramp from Buena Vista Drive to World Drive, just before the EPCOT exit.

All of these digital signs will make it easier for Disney to update directions during road closures, construction, and other changes.

Have you been noticing some of these changes and additions to the Walt Disney World network of roads? Let us know in the comments.

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