Walt Disney World Begins to Remove Iconic Purple Roadway Signs, Replaces First for Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

In the latest of many aesthetic changes around Walt Disney World, the iconic purple roadway signs are getting a new look. The new color scheme debuted this morning as signs were replaced to include directions for Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser guests.

The new style matches the blues at the Transportation and Ticket Center, which was repainted from its previous colorful palette last summer.

Additionally, the all-capital stylization of EPCOT is now on the signage.

The purple and red signs were installed in the 1990s, designed by Sussman/Prejza for Walt Disney World and Euro Disney.

Euro Disney adapted the look for their logo as well.

Image source: Sussman/Prejza

The designs were intended to create “a vehicular signing system that would be unique in spirit, clean, easy to follow, and capable of being expanded as the area continues to grow.”

Image source: Sussman/Prejza

More than 1,000 signs were installed using the above designs, and the style later expanded to the Transportation and Ticket Center, the entrance archways, and the Disney buses. The entrance archways were repainted in 2021 to match the 50th anniversary color scheme.


The purple signs were so emblematic of Walt Disney World that merchandise was even sold featuring the design.

Will you miss the classic purple signs? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I will miss the classic signs very much, but this is a fine update. The color scheme seems a bit more utilitarian, but I like the blue look.

  2. I will miss them. Their great contrast provided excellent visibility in the day and night. They were a wonderful mix of art and functionality!

  3. Wasn’t the purple and red signs Walt Disney’s idea? The new signs are generic looking like the creation shop

    1. No, it was brought in under Michael Eisner. Hated it at first but than it grew on me and became emblematic of Disney.

    2. Walt has been gone almost longer than he was on this earth. What a great man. Each generation has its own geniuses that change the world. We have Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Besos Elon Musk. A hundred years ago we had Edison, Bell, Ford,JP Morgan, Carnegie and JD Rockerfeller. In between we had what we needed; General Paton, Admiral Nimitz, Churchill, IBM’s Thomas Watson, Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett. And so many more incredible minds. What a world, who would think, blue highway signs !

  4. Nice Universal signage… Ughhh this is heart breaking. Last time I was driving on property I said to myself that I hope they don’t replace the purple signage.

  5. What a boring color scheme and design. It sure doesn’t seem very Disney to my eye but I realize their is a push for the company to be more contemporary/modern in it’s designs. Just not very fun or exciting for a theme park.

  6. It’s probably for the anniversary and it’s possible that they will eventually repaint them back when it’s over. They are Blue and Gold after all.

  7. I’m all in for the blue. I’m sure many will miss the purple for nostalgic reasons, but the blue is much, much more appealing.

    1. I will miss the
      Old colors. You see the signs and you knew you were at Disney. It was exciting to see the first one when you got there. I don’t think the new colors will illicit the same emotions. I wish they would stop taking the Disney out of Disney.

  8. Honestly, I never really liked the purple signs, I found them to be too busy. Michael Eisner himself selected the final design for those and, like the Swan and Dolphin design that he also championed, I wasn’t impressed. These new blue signs might be a bit dull looking in comparison. Too bad they couldn’t find something in-between.

    I remember the old brown signs with white lettering. They seemed to fit into the natural Floridian environment just fine. It will be interesting to see if other icons are part of this blue package. For example, will there be Mickey icons at all.

  9. Disney seems absolutely determined to get rid of anything nostalgic at WDW. And as always, the changes are sterile as can possibly be.

  10. LOVED the purple! The bright colors added to the excitement and anticipation of arriving at the Theme Parks. The new colors and design, as others have stated, are equally boring and utilitarian. Nothing about them primes me for the experience I’m hoping to have.

  11. Who, if anyone, is doing cost-benefit analyses at WDW?

    Whether the change is for better or for worse, is replacing all that signage REALLY the best use of money at WDW when there are now chronic IT issues, staffing shortages (that increased pay might mitigate), price increases (that could be offset), etc.?

    I have to wonder about current leadership decision making.

  12. My theory is that Chapek wants Disney parks to slowly convert to the congested overpriced utilitarian business model of airports, and this bland sign furthers my conspiracy.

  13. I always found the purple and red signs much easier to spot and read as very little in the nature surroundings matched them. I very much like going to all caps for the lettering. Hopefully the blue won’t dissappear against the sky.

  14. Looks SO much better! But agree with the overall sentiment that given they own the land and aren’t required to match public road signs, there’s nothing unique or magical about the new designs.

    Too bad they can’ overall reduce the amount of signage (I’m talking to you – outdated Tower of Terror billboard) while traveling around the property and just do an overall beautification project. Otherwise, nothing separates this from your average highway once you’re beyond those grand gates.

  15. Goodbye, Good riddance, purple signs. Pretty? Maybe, but everyone I know found them sooooo hard to read, especially after dark, resulting in many U-turns from missing turnoffs.

  16. Sad… The purple and red gave me a feel of uniqueness and being in a special place.
    Blue signs are vastly present where I live so the Disney feel won’t be as strong.

  17. If I had my way I say good riddance to the whole amusement
    Park knock it down and build thousands of low cost housing
    Apartments condos. Houses. Senior living with stores and shops
    Movie theaters fitness centers. Parks make more sense
    the whole Walt Disney world resort are not in reality
    The prices that it thinks families of 4 or more can
    Pay to stay a week or 2 at their parks and be charged for every little thing
    Can run into the thousands how many families can afford that

  18. In my opinion, the colors and design doesn’t matter as much as the fact that the purple signs/designs were iconic and legendary, and resonated most with Guests. But, again, Disney is great at destroying everything iconic and legendary. #lame

  19. I think it’s as simple as one of Chapek’s minions didn’t like having the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser signage/directions on such whimsically-colored signs.

  20. Here’s the deal. The purple signs felt magical to most of us and made us feel like we were immersed and away from the reality. But, for those that felt the color scheme was outdated, I think we can all agree that Disney, once again, dropped the ball and delivered yet another sterile, bland design. For goodness sake, Universal’s signage is now better whereas Disney looks like the afterthought.

    I’d like for everyone to google “Universal Orlando’s road signage” and tell me which property looks like the more exciting place to be, and reply to my post with your honest response.

  21. I will miss the
    Old colors. You see the signs and you knew you were at Disney. It was exciting to see the first one when you got there. I don’t think the new colors will illicit the same emotions. I wish they would stop taking the Disney out of Disney.

  22. I loved the old color scheme, but I’m not going to get bent out of shape over the change. What’s IN the parks and resorts is what matters, not the signs that point me the way, and I’m still satisfied with their offerings. The change from purple to blue isn’t going to spoil my vacation. I’ll miss the old signs, but it’s definitely not the end of the world. Change happens.

  23. The excitement of seeing that first purple sign as you drive in gave me that feeling of “The Disney Magic Starts Now”. It was kind of like entering another dimension. Will have to see if the blue ones do the same thing.

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