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PHOTOS: Archway Painting Progresses on World Drive Entrance for 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World

The entrances to Walt Disney World are getting a special blue and gold makeover to match the color scheme of the 50th Anniversary celebration that begins this fall. We are monitoring the speedy progression of the sign’s updates and reported last week that the Mickey Mouse marquee is complete on World Drive. This morning, painting begins on the archway that stretches across World Drive.


Goofy’s side of the sign is complete, and this is what the color scheme will look like across the entire entrance. Shades of blue, grey, and gold accents will be found across Walt Disney World just like this.


The far right side with Donald Duck is newly finished as well. The dark blue wall pops against the white lettering and Donald Duck’s feathers.


The progression has officially moved on from Mickey Mouse to the middle archway.


The left side of the archway still has the old look while the right side is newly painted as of this morning. The bright gold accents on top of the columns really stand out compared to the muted gold on the left.


The yellow background behind the Walt Disney World sign is quickly getting changed to match the bold blue on the rest of the sign.


The lettering will likely be painted next, and it will be a bright white as opposed to the red that it is now. The entranceway on Osceola Parkway is already complete and you can see what the World Drive sign will soon look like here.


The red column on the left will soon be painted light grey, and once the archway is complete Minnie Mouse is all that is left to be painted. One painting finishes up, gold flags and a new smaller sign that hangs underneath the archway can be added.


The back of the sign is also in the process of being painted.

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