PHOTOS: Painting Moves to Archway of World Drive Entrance for 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World

With the completion of Donald Duck and Goofy’s repainting, work on the 50th-anniversary refurbishment of Walt Disney World’s World Drive entrance has moved to the center archway.


Donald’s marquee on the far right and Goofy’s marquee to the left are now both complete.


Work on the archway has begun with Mickey’s marquee.


Mickey is wrapped in plastic to keep him protected. His background and some of the columns and accents have been primed with grey paint. The accent on top of the right column has been painted a brownish gold to prepare for its final gold coloring.


Once complete, the background will be royal blue and the columns will be different shades of grey.

The Western WayHotel Plaza Boulevard, and Osceola Parkway entrances have already received their 50th anniversary refurbishments. World Drive and World Center Drive are all that remain, and will likely be complete within the next several weeks. Keep checking WDWNT for updates.

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