New Yoda nuiMO and Star Wars nuiMO Accessories Arrive at Walt Disney World


New Yoda nuiMO and Star Wars nuiMO Accessories Arrive at Walt Disney World

A new Yoda nuiMO, along with other Star Wars nuiMO accessories have made their way to Walt Disney World.

Yoda Star Wars nuiMO Plush – $19.99

yoda Star Wars nuiMO plush

The force is strong with this new Yoda nuiMO plush. Yoda is seen here with his iconic, traditional Jedi hooded robe.

IMG 3453

“Judge me by my size, do you?” Although nuiMOs are known for being tiny, they are still pretty detailed. As you can see in the above picture, small wrinkles are shown on Yoda’s face — given the fact that he is 900 years old. The plush is also detailed with small tufts of gray hair and a turnable head.

IMG 3455

Yoda’s Jedi robe can easily be removed and swapped out with other “Star Wars” nuiMO accessories. Yoda is also posable and has magnetic hands to either close his hands or hold hands with another plush nuiMO.

Princess Leia nuiMO Outfit – $12.99

IMG 3457

The Princess Leia-inspired nuiMO accessory pack comes with earmuffs that bear a strong resemblance to her iconic hairdo. The two-piece set also includes a cream-colored top with an attached skirt. This closely resembles Princess Leia’s white dress from the first (or fourth) “Star Wars” movie “A New Hope.”

Star Wars Lightsabers nuiMO Accessory Set – $12.99

IMG 3459

This Star Wars-inspired nuiMO accessory set includes three Lightsabers. The red, blue, and green colored Lightsaber “blades” resemble the famous Lightsabers from the “Star Wars” franchise. Each of them comes with a tiny handle to easily fit in the hand of a Disney nuiMO plush.

Han Solo nuiMO Outfit – $12.99

IMG 3461

The Han Solo-inspired nuiMO accessory pack features Han Solo’s signature outfit. The black vest has some red embroidered detailing, complete with a cadet collar. There is a brown faux shirt underneath the black vest. The accessory pack also features Han Solo’s denim pants with a screen art brown belt.

C-3P0 nuiMO Outfit – $12.99

IMG 3463

The C-3P0 nuiMO accessory pack features a quilted golden outfit that is inspired by C-3P0’s metallic outer shell. It also includes one golden “boot” and one silver “boot” to match C-3P0’s mismatched legs.

Stormtrooper nuiMO Outfit – $12.99

IMG 3465

The Stormtrooper-inspired nuiMO accessory pack features a white and black two-piece set based on the infamous Stormtrooper uniforms.

The top is made of white simulated leather and has a black zip and black embroidered faux pockets. On the back of the top, which is shown above, it features black screen art of the Galactic Empire symbol. The pants are white twill with black trim.

We originally spotted these at Creations Shop at EPCOT, but we have also seen them at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and on shopDisney.

Will you be adding these new “Star Wars”-inspired nuiMO pieces to your collection? Let us know in the comments.

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