PHOTOS: New Stitch Apparel and Accessories at Walt Disney World

Jonathan D

PHOTOS: New Stitch Apparel and Accessories at Walt Disney World

A wide variety of new Stitch merchandise is available at Walt Disney World at a few different locations we’ve visited recently. Everything shown below is from Star Traders in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom, Moana Mercantile at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, and World of Disney at Disney Springs. Don’t worry, we’ll specify where each item came from, too.

Stitch Youth Hoodie – $39.99 (Star Traders)

stitch youth hoodie

Our first item evokes 90s neon colors, mixing dark blacks with bright yellows and pinks. Various green plants and cobalt shapes form the background, with a somewhat mischievous-looking Stitch waving at us.

stitch hoodie 2
stitch hoodie 3

Stitch Adult Button-Down Shirt – $59.99 (Star Traders)

stitch shirt

The button-down shirt has the same pattern as the youth hoodie, though greater in length.

stitch shirt 3
stitch shirt 2

Stitch is stitched in classic cyan form just above the front left pocket (from the wearer’s perspective).

Stitch Adult Shorts – $49.99 (Star Traders)

stitch shorts

A matching pair of shorts is also for sale.

stitch shorts 2

Stitch Water Bottle – $29.99 (Star Traders)

stitch water bottle

This water bottle also bears the same design, slim, with a lid on top.

stitch water bottle 2

Surfing Stitch Adult Hoodie – $59.99 (Star Traders)

stitch hoodie 4

This adult hoodie comes in a plain white color, with Stitch depicted on either side.

stitch hoodie 5
stitch hoodie 6

On the front, our little surfer splashes down on the water with his name below.

stitch hoodie 7

On the back, the primary artwork depicts him catching a wave with a surfboard and floral designs that match his color scheme of royal blue, aqua, and magenta.

Stitch Women’s Skort (Skirt/Shorts Combo) – $39.99 (Star Traders)

stitch skort

This skirt-shorts combo features patterns of tropical flowers in lavender, blue, and jasper — paired with Stitch’s smiling face.

stitch skort 2

When we pull back the top skirt, the shorts component is right below, with the same design.

stitch skort 3

Stitch Plumeria Hair Clips & Scrunchie – $16.99 (Star Traders)

stitch clips

This hair accessory set includes hair clips and a blue rubber band scrunchie, with a relaxed Stitch absorbing a tinge of golden sunshine emanating from the plumeria flowers.

stitch clips 2

Stitch Youth Shirt – $24.99 (Moana Mercantile)

stitch shirt 4

Moving over to the Moana Mercantile at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, this youth t-shirt embraces a similar 90s style choice previously seen on some of the Star Traders apparel, though Stitch himself is far more prominent, gliding on the ocean with palm trees behind and “Experiment 626” (the order in which Stitch was created by Dr. Jumba) written below.

stitch shirt 6

The background is mostly a bare white, with blank ink-looking dots splattered everywhere.

stitch shirt 5

Stitch Youth Hat – $29.99 (Moana Mercantile)

stitch hat

A youth hat is also at the mercantile, with a green brim and mesh.

stitch hat 2
stitch hat 4
stitch hat 5

One size fits all — but do keep in mind, this is designed to fit children, not adults.

stitch hat 3

The front display is plain white, with a cheerful Stitch popping out of his name etched in aqua, bordered by crimson hibiscus flowers.

Stitch Hand Towels – $19.99 (World of Disney)

stitch towels

There’s a large assortment of bathroom accessories and materials related to Stitch at World of Disney in Disney Springs.

stitch towels 2

These hand towels utilize the same art found on that Moana Mercantile hat, on a plain white cloth with faint green lining.

Stitch Porcelain Toothbrush Holder – $24.99 (World of Disney)

stitch toothbrush holder 4

“Ohana” means family — and as a family friend, Stitch wants to be sure nobody’s toothbrush gets left behind. From the front, this may just appear to be a model of him showcasing his sparkly whites.

stitch toothbrush holder 2

In actuality, this is a toothbrush holder made of porcelain to store any and all brushes by the sink after use.

stitch toothbrush holder 3

Surfing Stitch Shower Curtain – $44.99 (World of Disney)

stitch shower curtain

The same artwork from the hoodie back at Star Traders can also be found her in the form of a shower curtain.

stitch shower curtain 2
stitch shower curtain 3

Hooks are included.

Stitch Bathmat – $34.99

stitch mat

A bathmat rendition of this beloved character can be found nearby, to help avoid slippery surfaces at home.

Stitch Adult Pajama Set – $54.99 (World of Disney)

stitch pajamas

World of Disney carries some new clothing, too, including this set of pajamas.

stitch pajamas 2

The shirt and shorts are both included in the price, with a floral print and subdued violet hue.

stitch pajamas 4

Stitch Adult Sweatshorts – $39.99 (World of Disney)

stitch shorts 3

Continuing with a retro theme observed in most of these new apparel items, these black and white shorts are actually sweatpant shorts — sweatshorts. Bright, yellow, curvy lines and a pink waist tie add a little more visibility to a design that mostly doesn’t use color.

stitch shorts 4

Aside from Stitch, of course.

stitch shorts 5

Stitch Adult Shirt – $39.99 (World of Disney)

stitch shirt 7

This shirt should look familiar, as it is the twin of the youth tee we spotted earlier in Moana Mercantile. While an adult version wasn’t seen over there, it is on the racks here.

stitch shirt 8

While the version for children only had the primary artwork on the front and a plain background, the grown-up counterpart places the primary artwork on the back, with an extra, smaller version of the design in the front left corner.

stitch shirt 9

Are you excited for any of these new products? Let us know in the comments.

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