NEW Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary Merchandise Celebrates Giant Mickey Hot Air Balloon, Mickey Mouse Revue, StormRider, Skyway, and More Extinct Attractions

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NEW Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary Merchandise Celebrates Giant Mickey Hot Air Balloon, Mickey Mouse Revue, StormRider, Skyway, and More Extinct Attractions

As Tokyo Disney Resort’s 40th Anniversary “Dream-Go-Round” celebration continues, they’ve revealed their full slate of nostalgic merchandise themed to extinct attractions and past anniversaries from the park. Titled the “Memory-Go-Round” collection, all of these will go on sale June 13 at both parks!

Tokyo Disneyland Grand Opening Tote Bag – ¥5900 ($43.61)

2307 01 12

This tote bag is styled to look like the shopping bags given away when the park opened in 1983. A faux ticket holder is also present, on the strap.

2307 01 22

Anniversaries T-Shirt – ¥3500 ($25.87)

2307 02 1

Every costume for Mickey Mouse from the Grand Opening all the way to the 40th Anniversary are arranged around a special Memory-Go-Round logo for the 40th.

2307 02 2

The back features art of attractions past and present, like the Skyway, Visionarium, Mark Twain Riverboat, and StormRider. Also listed are prompts for guests to write their favorite memories of Tokyo Disney Resort.

Bucket Hat – ¥3600 ($26.61

2307 03

Iconography from attractions past as well as the opening years of Tokyo Disneyland cover this bucket hat all over. We see pennants and stickers from the opening years as well as tickets and icons for the Mickey Mouse Revue, Meet the World, “Disney’s Fantillusion,” and others.

Drawstring Bags – ¥950 ($7.02) Each

2307 04 1
2307 04 2

Drawstring Bag Set – ¥5700 ($42.14)

2307 05 1

Cloth Pattern – ¥3000 ($22.17)

2307 06 3
2307 06 2

Postcard Set – ¥5000 ($36.96)

2307 07 1
2307 07 2

These postcards feature familiar sights from the early days of the park, as well as much of the Memory-Go-Round key art. Of particular note is the faux TODAY Guide, seemingly still discontinued but a familiar sight at the parks for more than a decade, with the 1978 iteration of Mickey Mouse’s costume in place of the current Mickey.

Sticker Set – ¥1900 ($14.04)

2307 08 1
2307 08 2

Old merchandise and designs are a big part of this sticker set. We see promotional material for Magic Journeys, 1990s-era churro wrappers, Star Jets, Storm Rider, the Mickey Mouse Revue, and much more.

Folder Set – ¥1500 ($11.09)

2307 09

Along with representing the Memory Go Round line itself, we also get another faux TODAY Guide and a folder which looks like the original shopping bag for Tokyo Disneyland.

Masking Tape & Tape Holder – ¥950 ($7.02)

2307 10 1
2307 10 2

There are five different designs of decorative tape — one with each of Mickey’s anniversary costumes, with paper tickets, ticket books, and TODAY Guides, with merchandise, and two focused on the line itself.

Multicolor Pen – ¥1500 ($11.09)

2307 11

Ink Stamp Set – ¥2200 ($16.27)

2307 12 1
2307 12 2

There are five stamps, each representing a “zero” year of anniversaries. They all come in a case which looks like one of the World Bazaar mailboxes. These stamps are often applied to postcards and other mail sent out from the parks — in fact the 30th and 40th designs are the exact same ones used on actual mail during their respective celebrations!

Framed Pin Set – ¥6000 ($44.36)

2307 13

Each of the “zero year” anniversaries are honored in this framed set.

Smartphone Case – ¥3800 ($28.09)

2307 14 1
2307 14 2

More extinct attractions cover the phone case, such as the Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour, Visionarium, and Jolly Trolley alongside shopping bags, lollipops, and pennants, all bearing their era-appropriate designs.

Figures – ¥1400 ($10.35) Each

2307 15

The figures in this set represent the Grand Opening, 10th, 20th, and 30th Anniversaries of the parks.

Figure Set – ¥5600 ($41.40)

2307 16

There is no mystery figure in the set, and it’s available as a bundle.

Glass Set – ¥3200 ($23.66)

2307 17

These two glasses are based on the original shopping bag design from the 1980s.

Swizzle Stick Set – ¥2800 ($20.70)

2307 18 1
2307 18 2

To commemorate a swizzle stick set made in the 1980s, the parks are issuing a new set which looks fairly similar to the original.

Coaster Set – ¥2400 ($17.74)

2307 19

These coasters are inspired by stickers sold before the park opened and right after its grand opening.

Tray – ¥1800 ($13.31)

2307 20 1
2307 20 2

Similarly, this tray draws inspiration from a bumper sticker advertising the park’s spring 1983 opening.

Washcloth Set – ¥1900 ($14.05)

2307 21

There are three washcloths in the set, one using art from the early days of the park, one with each of the anniversary costumes, and one honoring extinct or soon-to-be extinct Tomorrowland attractions — Star Jets, Grand Circuit Raceway, and original Space Mountain.

Long Towel – ¥1700 ($12.57)

2307 22

The long towel shows off every anniversary costume from the park.

Magnet Set – ¥3200 ($23.66)

2307 23 1
2307 23 2

These new fridge magnets take inspiration from classic merchandise, particularly pennants and the old ticket holders which guests used to place their one-day tickets in.

Music Box Set – ¥3200 ($23.66)

2307 24

A set of two crank music boxes will play classic tunes from the park. Specifically, the left box will play the park theme song “Tokyo Disneyland is Your Land,” while the right will play the theme from “Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade” which ran from 1985 to 1995.

Mickey Mouse Revue Curtains – ¥11000 ($81.32)

2307 25 1

Inspired by the curtains from the iconic Mickey Mouse Revue, these can add a touch of the classic parks to your home. The attraction was an opening day part of Walt Disney World from October 1, 1971 to September 14, 1980. The entire attraction was then shipped to Tokyo Disneyland, where it ran from opening day on April 15, 1983 until May 25, 2009. Incidentally both spaces are now home to Mickey’s PhilharMagic.

2307 25 2

The curtain’s holdbacks bear the Mickey Mouse Revue marquee on them.

Mickey Hot Air Balloon Cushion – ¥5000 ($36.96)

2307 26 1

When Tokyo Disneyland turned five years old in 1988, the Oriental Land Company promoted the park by flying this gigantic Mickey Mouse hot air balloon across all of Japan, and took many promo shots of the balloon at the park too.

2307 26 2

Now you can bring home a cushion bearing the likeness of this hot air balloon.

Tokyo Disneyland Grand Opening Mickey Plush – ¥4500 ($33.27)

2307 27

This particular plush has been replicated in the retro 1980s-style of Mickey Mouse plush, complete with wider plastic button eyes and more fuzzy material. He bears a “Grand Opening” medal wrapped around his neck.

Tokyo Disneyland 10th Anniversary Mickey Plush – ¥4500 ($33.27)

2307 28

The 10th Anniversary featured Mickey Mouse in his sorcerer outfit and holding a paintbrush. A medal with the 10th Anniversary logo sits at center.

Tokyo Disneyland 20th Anniversary Mickey Plush – ¥4500 ($33.27)

2307 29

The 20th Anniversary was the second time a unique costume was created for Tokyo’s anniversary celebrations, with a blue sparkly outfit taking center stage. He also has a 20 medal wrapped around him.

Tokyo Disney Resort 30th Anniversary Mickey Plush – ¥4500 ($33.27)

2307 30

That iconic look of “The Happiness Year” returns in this 30th plush featuring Mickey holding a balloon and bearing a medal with the 30 logo.

Assorted Candies – ¥700 ($5.18)

2307 31

These candies replicate the lollipops sold as gifts in the early days of the park.

Cookies – ¥850 ($6.28)

2307 32

This tin is based on another iconic food souvenir tin of the early 80s but with the Memory Go Round-style art.

Caramels – ¥800 ($5.91)

2307 33

Each box of caramels features a different anniversary costume. Unlike many other merchandise items, every five year anniversary is represented from the Grand Opening to 40.

Popping Chocolate Crunch – ¥1600 ($11.83)

2307 34

The Memory-Go-Round art takes center stage on this box of candies.

Assorted Chocolates – ¥1700 ($12.57)

2307 35

Meanwhile these chocolates have larger versions with the Memory-Go-Round art, as well as smaller ones with each anniversary costume.

Madelines – ¥1100 ($8.13)

2307 36 1
2307 36 2
2307 36 3

Fairly standard butter madelines here, but in a bag meant to replicate the original park shopping bags again.

Rusk – ¥1400 ($10.35)

2307 37

the rusk is less remarkable, although the box has much of the asme art and even features some Tokyo DisneySea art including the grand opening and “Fantasmic!”

Potato Snacks – ¥950 ($7.02)

2307 38

These potato snacks are in boxes which look like the ticket holders from the 1980s and 1990s, while the snacks themselves are in bags that look like the old paper tickets to the park.

Mini-Udon – ¥1000 ($7.39)

2307 39 1
2307 39 2

Finally, we have Memory-Go-Round instant udon.

Extinct Attraction Toy Box – ¥10200 ($75.41)

2307 40

Guests visiting from June 13 to 30 can pre-order a special box featuring toys and souvenirs themed to attractions past. The tin we saw for cookies earlier will be remade as part of the box along with toys for StormRider, the Skyway, and Grand Circuit Raceway. It’ll be available exclusively to Japan residents through the Tokyo Disney Resort App.

All of these items go on sale June 13 at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea! See anything you might want to bring home? Let us know in the comments below!

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