PHOTOS: New Cake Bake Shop Taking Shape, Painting Continues on Balconies and Deli at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn

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PHOTOS: New Cake Bake Shop Taking Shape, Painting Continues on Balconies and Deli at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn

Construction crews have been working on guest room balconies of Disney’s BoardWalk Inn as part of an ongoing refurbishment of the resort. We also noticed crews working on the exterior of the BoardWalk Deli and the new Cake Bake Shop. Take a look with us.

Disney’s BoardWalk Inn Balcony Refurbishment

disney's boardwalk inn

A cherry picker is parked on the sidewalk behind green temporary fencing. 

disney's boardwalk

Some crew members were on the ground, but others were on some of the balconies.

boardwalk update92
boardwalk update93
boardwalk update87 2

The Village Green area of the resort is covered in artificial turf and is centrally located between Disney’s BoardWalk Inn and Disney’s BoardWalk Villas, the Disney Vacation Club wing of the resort.

boardwalk update86 2
boardwalk update85 2
boardwalk update84 2
boardwalk update82

There are rooms with a “BoardWalk View” that are located over the shops that line the BoardWalk. These rooms are also getting a fresh coat of paint.

boardwalk update63
boardwalk update66

We spotted two workers in a cherry picker painting the trim around these rooms.

boardwalk update68
boardwalk update64

Boardwalk Deli

boardwalk update70

In addition to the work happening to balconies of guest rooms at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn, we spotted a crew giving a fresh coat of white paint to the trim around the windows and entry to BoardWalk Deli.

boardwalk update72

The deli remained open while this work went on.

boardwalk update75
boardwalk update74

Some workers stood on ladders to get high, others lay on the ground to get low.

boardwalk update78

The Cake Bake Shop

boardwalk update44

At the far edge of Disney’s BoardWalk Inn, reconstruction has begun on the building for The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers. The building was once home to ESPN Club, and while the basic shape will remain the same, many of the walls and the tower were demolished for the re-theming.

boardwalk update62

Crews have recently added new steel beams to the top of the building, creating a new tower.

boardwalk update61

The new tower has an updated shape and will have windows, according to concept art. It’s shorter, with a second smaller tower at its center.

boardwalk update52

Guests will enter the quick-service bakery through the right-hand entrance, which was previously the main entrance to ESPN Club at Disney’s BoardWalk.

disney's boardwalk
boardwalk update59

The entrance to the Cake Bake Shop table-service restaurant will be at the front and center of the hexagonal structure.

boardwalk update50

The rooftop has rough edges where the original tower was torn away. Over the construction walls, we can also see that most of the exterior walls were knocked down, leaving just the supports.

boardwalk update49
boardwalk update45

The construction walls feature images of some of the desserts we may be able to try at the Cake Bake Shop once it opens.

The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers

Cake Bake Shop concept art

The concept art above shows how the refurbished building will be covered in windows and lights. Planters will line an outdoor seating area. The color scheme seems to be white, pink, and gold.

permit for the “buildout of the Cake Bake Shop” was filed in March and contracts Johnson-Lancaster and Associates, Inc. The Clearwater-based company provides and installs food service equipment.

The Cake Bake Shop is set to open at Disney’s BoardWalk later this year, but two locations already exist at Broad Ripple Village in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Carmel City Center in Carmel, Indiana. The combination restaurants and bakeries are known for their lavish decor, artfully composed dishes, and afternoon tea experiences. Online ordering is also available.


Gwendolyn Rogers established the first Cake Bake Shop with a $300,000 loan and a dilapidated house. After two years of construction, the Cake Bake Shop opened with only two employees, including Rogers. She decorated the quaint house for the holidays and her baking was a huge success. She opened the second, larger location a few years later. A description of the Cake Bake Shop on its website reads:

When you arrive you walk through French doors, sparkling chandeliers over head, antiqued mirrors, French inspired furniture, beautiful seasonal decorations, gorgeous cakes on French porcelain platters topped with glass domes. Gwendolyn’s shops offer the most incredible experience from ‘The Best Quiche You Will Ever Have’ to homemade soups, salads, sandwiches, even a true French Croque Monsieur. Behind the kitchen window you can see the master bakers gently sieving non-bromated flours from Vermont, there are large pots of French & Belgian Chocolate melting on the stove, cakes baking in the ovens and decorators frosting the most exquisite cakes.

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