New ‘Harry Potter’ Hogwarts House Shirts and Keychains Available at Universal Orlando Resort

Lisa Stump

New ‘Harry Potter’ Hogwarts House Shirts and Keychains Available at Universal Orlando Resort

We spotted new merchandise for Harry Potter fans in CityWalk and Quality Quidditch Supplies in Diagon Alley at Universal Orlando Resort.

House Slytherin Adult Tee – $37.00

We found these tees in CityWalk at Universal Orlando Resort. Each of the tees feature the Harry Potter house name, the house’s crest, and various iconography from Quidditch. Each house has different images from the fictional sport.

Harry Potter Shirts 6

First up we have a Slytherin House tee. Those in the Slytherin house are known for their ambition, resourcefulness, determination, and cleverness.

Harry Potter Shirts 13

The shirt is different shades of green with the Slytherin crest on the front, as well as “Quidditch Team Captain” printed at the bottom of the image.

Harry Potter Shirts 5

The sleeve has an “S” printed in yellow and green.

House Slytherin Youth Tee – $33.00

A new line of Harry Potter merchandise is available at Universal Orlando Resort.

The youth-sized tee has white sides and the same graphic as the adult’s version, but primarily in white. Of the shirts in this line, only the Slytherin youth tee has a different image than the adult’s version.

House Ravenclaw Adult Tee – $37.00

Ravenclaw Tee

Next is the Ravenclaw House tee. Those in Ravenclaw are known for their intelligence, knowledge and wit.

Harry Potter Shirts 1

This tee is of course in different shades of blue. The Ravenclaw crest is on the front. Other details in the graphic are the same as the other shirts available in this line.

Harry Potter Shirts 2

A bright blue “R” is printed on the sleeve.

House Ravenclaw Youth Tee – $33.00

Harry Potter Shirts 3

The youth-sized tee is similar to the adult tee with pale blue sides and details. The graphic is the same.

House Hufflepuff Adult Tee – $37.00

Harry Potter Shirts 10

The Hufflepuff House tee is predominantly yellow and gray. Hufflepuff members are known for hard work, patience and loyalty.

Harry Potter Shirts 14

This shirt has a similar design to the others in the line, except of course featuring the Hufflepuff crest and different Quidditch icons above the EST. 1269.

Harry Potter Shirts 12

An “H” is emblazoned on the sleeve in yellow.

House Hufflepuff Youth Tee – $33.00

Harry Potter Shirts 11

The youth-sized tee for Hufflepuff has black sides and an identical front image.

House Gryffindor Adult Tee – $37.00

Harry Potter Shirts 8

Gryffindor House features maroon and gold. Denizens of this house are known for bravery, helping others, and chivalry.

Harry Potter Shirts 9

This tee features the Gryffindor House crest on the front.

Harry Potter Shirt sleeve

A red “G” is printed on the sleeve.

House Gryffindor Youth Tee – $33.00

Harry Potter Shirts 7

The youth-sized tee has yellow sides.

Harry Potter House Keychains

Harry Potter Keychains 9

A new keychain is also available for each house. We found these at Quality Quidditch Supplies in Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida.

Harry Potter Keychains 1

House Hufflepuff Keychain – $15.00

Hufflepuff Keychain 1

They keychains feature a band with the house colors, a metal plaque, and a gold clip.

Hufflepuff Keychain 2

The keychains can be worn around your wrist.

Hufflepuff Keychain 6
Hufflepuff Keychain 4

The metal plaque has the same image as its matching tee shirt above.

Hufflepuff Keychain 3

The back is stamped for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

House Slytherin Keychain – $15.00

Harry Potter Keychains 5

The Slytherin keychain is primarily green.

Harry Potter Keychains 4

This keychain has a silver clip and hardware instead of gold.

House Ravenclaw Keychain – $15.00

Harry Potter Keychains 3

The Ravenclaw keychain also has a silver clasp instead of gold.

Harry Potter Keychains 2

House Gryffindor Keychain – $15.00

Harry Potter Keychains 7

The Gryffindor keychain is red and gold.

Harry Potter Keychains 6

It has matching gold hardware and a golden clip.

Make sure to take a look at the other merchandise in this line. You can check it out here.

What do you think of the new Harry Potter merchandise? Will you be adding it to your collection? We’d love to see your opinions in the comments below.

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