PHOTOS: Scaffolds Up Around Red Rose Taverne at Disneyland, Restaurant Still Open During Refurbishment

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS: Scaffolds Up Around Red Rose Taverne at Disneyland, Restaurant Still Open During Refurbishment

Spencer Lloyd

PHOTOS: Scaffolds Up Around Red Rose Taverne at Disneyland, Restaurant Still Open During Refurbishment

Seemingly overnight, scaffolds and walls popped up around Red Rose Taverne in Fantasyland at Disneyland as an exterior refurbishment began work.

Red Rose Taverne Refurbishment

RedRoseTavernRefurbMay2023 5

Walls in the alpine style fitting for Fantasyland at Disneyland are up around the ground level of Red Rose Taverne. Above the walls, green and red scaffolds are up around the upper portions of the structure. Scrims have not been placed at this time.

RedRoseTavernRefurbMay2023 2

Fortunately, signage on the exterior informs guests that the restaurant is indeed open during the refurbishment, so guests craving the Grey Stuff Gateau need not fear!

RedRoseTavernRefurbMay2023 1

The exterior dining area is also surrounded with even higher scaffolding. The cream and brown alpine walls surround the entire outside of Red Rose Taverne, while the height of scaffolding differs. In this area we see three layers of platforms for workers to access every part of the structure.

RedRoseTavernRefurbMay2023 3

It’s unclear at this time whether scrims will go up or if Red Rose Taverne will need to close during some point of this refurbishment.

RedRoseTavernRefurbMay2023 6

Some of the Red Rose Taverne exterior still hasn’t been covered yet, although areas further in back are still visibly scaffolded.

Since the restaurant is still open during refurbishment, guests can still dine in here on their way to a galaxy far, far away or after a relaxing ride aboard Casey, Jr. Let us know if you’ll be visiting Red Rose Taverne in the comments below!

Gourmet Breakfast Sandwich at Red Rose Taverne

If you’re looking to fuel up before a whole day at Disneyland, Red Rose Taverne has a new way to kick off the day with the Gourmet Breakfast Sandwich.

gourmet breakfast sandwich 1

Breakfast returned to the Red Rose Taverne menu in early 2022, so we’re excited to see something new on the menu.

Gourmet Breakfast Sandwich – $10.99

Herb Blend and Crème Fraîche Egg, Maple Butter Spread, Muenster and Crispy Bacon on a Toasted English Muffin, served with Taverne Potato Bites

gourmet breakfast sandwich 11

This looks unappealing with the egg patty, but thankfully, it’s better than it looks. It’s still not great, but at least it’s an improvement over its appearance.

gourmet breakfast sandwich 8
gourmet breakfast sandwich 9

The English muffin has a decent toast on it, without it being too well-done.

gourmet breakfast sandwich 10

The egg patty is delicately flavored with herbs. It’s also slightly creamier and less chewy than one would expect from a premade egg patty.

gourmet breakfast sandwich 5

The bacon is nice and crispy, and the muenster cheese was a nice choice for a subtle yet buttery flavor, though ours had mostly leaked out and melted all over the inside of the wrapper in reheating the premade sandwich.

gourmet breakfast sandwich 6
gourmet breakfast sandwich 7

Overall, it was better than we expected from a premade, gas station-style breakfast sandwich, but we wouldn’t dare call it gourmet.

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