PHOTOS, VIDEO: The Final Performance of Poseidon’s Fury at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

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PHOTOS, VIDEO: The Final Performance of Poseidon’s Fury at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

As of May 9, 2023, Poseidon’s Fury at Universal’s Islands of Adventure is closed for good. Join us for a final tour of the classic walkthrough attraction.

Poseidon’s Fury History

Poseidon’s Fury opened with the rest of Universal’s Islands of Adventure in May 1999.

poseidons fury opening team 1
Image source: Bernie Wallace

Poseidon’s Fury opening-day Team Member Bernie Wallace shared these photos with WDWNT of the team during the opening and during a recent reunion at the attraction.

poseidons fury opening team 0
Image source: Bernie Wallace

The original version of the attraction had ties to Atlantis and saw Poseidon fighting Zeus. Guests were led by an old guide known as The Keeper. This version of Poseidon’s Fury didn’t last long, though, and most guests will better remember the characters of Taylor and Darkennon.

poseidons fury exterior 01

Poseidon’s Fury was the last remaining attraction in The Lost Continent, except for the interactive Mystic Fountain. The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad closed in 2018. Flying Unicorn and Dueling Dragons, in the Merlinwood section of The Lost Continent, became Flight of the Hippogriff and Dragon Challenge when The Wizarding World of Harry Potter took over in 2010. Dragon Challenge eventually closed permanently and was replaced by Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure in 2019.

It’s long been rumored that The Lost Continent could become an extended part of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, or be rethemed to a different IP like Zelda.

Beginning in 2020, Poseidon’s Fury was closed for almost two years. It reopened in May 2022 with a refurbished exterior and effects.


During the closure, the various Taylors and Professor Baxter appeared in The Lost Continent to talk to guests.

poseidons fury team members

Some Poseidon’s Fury Team Members work “Darkannon” nametags on the final day of operation.

poseidons fury darkannon nametag 0370

We visited The Lost Continent attraction during its final days to capture the magic that was Poseidon’s Fury.

Poseidon’s Fury Final Tour POV Video

Watch our full POV video of the final tour of Poseidon’s Fury below, and keep scrolling for more photos of the attraction.

Poseidon’s Fury Exterior

poseidons fury exterior 03
poseidons fury 0012

The subtitle carved into the attraction’s stone sign is “Escape from the Lost City.”

poseidons fury exterior 12

The exterior resembles the ruins of an old temple, with the remains of a giant Poseidon statue.

poseidons fury 0008
poseidons fury 0014

All that remains is his arm holding a trident and two feet on raised stones.

poseidons fury exterior 20
poseidons fury exterior 23
poseidons fury 0038

At night, the exterior would be lit with flame-like golden lighting.

poseidons fury 0037
poseidons fury 0036

An octopus medallion at the top of the temple has partially collapsed.

poseidons fury 0028
poseidons fury 0030
poseidons fury exterior 40
poseidons fury exterior 24

Gryphon statues flank the entrance.

poseidons fury exterior 29

Columns are painted red, blue, and gold.

poseidons fury exterior 30
poseidons fury exterior 36
poseidons fury exterior 41
poseidons fury 0035

Guests pass by a rocky lagoon as they head into the temple.

poseidons fury 0031

The flooring of the exterior queue is blue with a wave-inspired border.

poseidons fury exterior 50
poseidons fury exterior 53
poseidons fury exterior 54
poseidons fury exterior 57
poseidons fury 0027
poseidons fury 0026

Poseidon’s Fury Queue

poseidons fury interior queue 63

Inside, guests walk through dark hallways with walls covered in ancient paintings.

poseidons fury interior queue 65
poseidons fury interior queue 70

This plaque has symbols representing Zeus, Poseidon, a ship, and a labyrinth. Zeus was involved in the original version of Poseidon’s Fury but was removed from the story long ago.

poseidons fury interior queue 71

Some of the painted stucco has peeled away to reveal stone walls.

poseidons fury interior queue 75

There are signs from the Global Discovery Group, the fictional organization guests are going on a tour with. This sign begins the story with “What our research has uncovered so far…”

poseidons fury interior queue 77

Welcome to the Temple of Poseidon, also known to the locals as “Poseidon’s Fury.” Due to the strange and mysterious events that have been documented in and around the structure since its construction some 2000 years ago, The Global Discovery Group has been investigating the Temple’s origins for well over a year now, but we have yet to discover it’s [sic] hidden secrets.

poseidons fury interior queue 80
poseidons fury interior queue 87

Some of the wall paintings depict flowers and insects.

poseidons fury interior queue 90
poseidons fury interior queue 97
poseidons fury interior queue 2 11

Legend says that this Temple was originally built in tribute to the Great God Poseidon, and that only the Priests of the Inner Circle were allowed within. At some point, perhaps as recently as 400 B.C., a terrible clash took place within the Temple. The energy that was unleashed almost destroyed the Temple and everything around it. (You can see the results of this incredible power in smashed statues and columns that stand outside as mute symbols to that ancient battle.)

poseidons fury interior queue 2 02
poseidons fury interior queue 2 06
poseidons fury interior queue 2 13

One peeled painting shows the image of a mermaid beneath, proving the temple does hide some secrets.

poseidons fury interior queue 2 14

We welcome you intrepid explorers to this site, but ask that you refrain from taking flash photographs, or employing recording devices of any kind once inside this sacred temple of Poseidon, Lord of the Oceans.

poseidons fury interior queue 2 16

Old pots and other artifacts sit between the queues.

poseidons fury interior queue 2 20

There’s another plaque featuring a large trident symbol.

poseidons fury interior queue 2 21

There are also modern water fountains, in case you get thirsty.

poseidons fury interior queue 2 24
poseidons fury interior queue 2 27
poseidons fury interior queue 2 29
poseidons fury interior queue 2 31
poseidons fury interior queue 2 34

Guests walk through a room with a high ceiling painted with whales.

poseidons fury interior queue 2 35

Lights on the walls look like sconces lit with fire, while the lights hanging from the ceiling are more industrial, like those the Global Discovery Group would hang.

poseidons fury interior queue 2 38
poseidons fury interior queue 2 43
poseidons fury interior queue 2 46
poseidons fury interior queue 2 48

There are other hints of giant sea creatures where sections of the wall have apparently fallen away.

poseidons fury interior queue 2 49
poseidons fury interior queue 2 57
poseidons fury interior queue 2 68
poseidons fury interior queue 2 70
poseidons fury interior queue 2 72
poseidons fury interior queue 2 76
poseidons fury interior queue 2 80
poseidons fury interior queue 2 95
poseidons fury 0384

Poseidon’s Fury Full Show

A Secret Message

poseidons fury 802

As the attraction officially begins, guests enter a chamber with a giant mural of Poseidon on one wall.

poseidons fury 0047

Above him, figures stand in front of a vast city with tall towers and rounded rooves.

poseidons fury 808 1
poseidons fury 818

A stone altar is on a dais at the front of the room, and a ladder leads up to a small hole in the upper wall.

poseidons fury 0048

The chamber is lined with red columns.

poseidons fury 0130

The paintings continue onto the ceiling and across the other walls.

poseidons fury 826
poseidons fury 0129
poseidons fury 817

Opposite Poseidon is an ominously lit figure with a dark devil above him.

poseidons fury 0049

We will later learn that this is Lord Darkennon and the Dark One who he serves.

poseidons fury 803

Our tour guide, Taylor, descends from the ladder. The gender-neutral name means Team Members of any gender can portray the character.

poseidons fury 839

Taylor works for the Global Discovery Group, and Professor Baxter, who is supposed to be leading the tour today but is missing.

poseidons fury 0132

Taylor begins the tour, explaining that this was once the ceremonial chamber of Poseidon. One night, Poseidon’s high priest, Lord Darkennon, sealed the room and sacrificed everyone inside as a gift for the Dark One. Darkennon gained powers and battled Poseidon. Nobody survived…

poseidons fury 842

Professor Baxter thinks there are hidden chambers in the temple, but the team hasn’t been able to find them yet. Baxter radioed earlier to say that he saw a secret message in this room. The lights in the room, including Taylor’s flashlight, start to fail.

Taylor pulls out another light, which illuminates a message running along the walls of the room:

Behind this wall, a demon sleeps, an ancient evil held in keep. Poseidon’s power contained the beast but he too perished when battle ceased. Let none disturb this chamber wall or loose the dark and then lose all. But if this evil you do release, then seek the trident, restore the peace. For he who holds the trident gold, has Poseidon’s power for all times told.

After Taylor reads this aloud, Professor Baxter’s panicked voice comes through the radio ordering everyone to leave the temple, before he screams and is cut off.

The lights go out, and a menacing voice beckons the tour group deeper into the temple, following in the Professor’s steps. A secret door opens beneath the Darkennon mural.

Into the Hidden Chamber

poseidons fury 843
poseidons fury 885

In the next room, guests find themselves surrounded by ancient artifacts and a few skeletons.

poseidons fury 0151
poseidons fury 848

Taylor is delighted to see so much treasure and history.

poseidons fury 0146
poseidons fury 0056
poseidons fury 852
poseidons fury 853

Suddenly, the doors everyone came through closed, leaving no clear way out.

poseidons fury 862

The voice speaks again, telling the group that they should have fled while they could. Now, they won’t be able to leave unless they find Poseidon’s trident.

poseidons fury 0156

But Taylor doesn’t know how to find Poseidon’s trident.

poseidons fury 867

The voice says it will finally be able to face Poseidon again, thanks to Taylor because Taylor spoke the spell in the previous room aloud. This freed the voice from Poseidon’s spell.

poseidons fury 876

Taylor realizes that this room is a tomb. They grab something to pry the doors open…

poseidons fury 0151

Help From a Goddess

poseidons fury 0161

A goddess, the guardian of the temple, appears projected above this circle of metal on one end of the room.

poseidons fury 900

The room is awash in blue lighting.

poseidons fury 0165

With neon lights sparkling around her, the goddess notes that Taylor holds Poseidon’s trident.

poseidons fury 908
poseidons fury 0389

Taylor looks at the stick they’ve grabbed and realizes it is indeed the trident.

poseidons fury 897

Because Taylor has the trident, the goddess will grant one wish.

poseidons fury 907

Taylor asks to get out of the temple and back home, but the goddess isn’t able to open the chamber doors — the Dark One has sealed them with a locking spell impervious to magic.

poseidons fury 890

But all is not lost. While the goddess cannot send the tour group back to the surface, she can provide safe passage deeper into the temple.

poseidons fury 905

As the sounds of the ocean roar beyond the goddess’s image, she says time is running out and casts a spell.

poseidons fury 911
poseidons fury 920

Lazers shoot across the ceiling and over the metal discs carved with Poseidon’s visage.

poseidons fury 931
poseidons fury 921

The discs are supposed to be jumbled and then turn into their correct place during this sequence but have recently been stuck in their final place the entire time.

poseidons fury 0169
poseidons fury 0170
poseidons fury 934

The door is also supposed to roll away but has just been sliding.

poseidons fury 961

The opens to reveal the attraction’s most famous feature: the water tunnel.

poseidons fury 0176

The tunnel has a bridge with railings and real water spinning rapidly around it.

poseidons fury 974

The effect is that guests feel like they’re walking through the ocean.

poseidons fury 986
poseidons fury 987

Taylor leads guests through the roaring tunnel into Poseidon’s chamber.

poseidons fury 991
poseidons fury 996
poseidons fury 0392
poseidons fury 999

A Dead End

poseidons fury 023
poseidons fury 009
poseidons fury 0193

Unfortunately, Poseidon’s chamber appears to be a dead end.

poseidons fury 0205

There’s another door made of metal discs, but Taylor can’t figure out how to open it.

poseidons fury 0207
poseidons fury 044

Taylor thinks they’re a failure, but another voice booms out from the walls.

poseidons fury 0212 1

It’s the voice of Poseidon.

poseidons fury 062

The god of the oceans tells Taylor to bring him the trident. But Darkennon interrupts, casting the room into darkness. There’s a bright flash of light, blinding guests.

poseidons fury 075

When proper light returns, guests find themselves transported into the real Temple of Poseidon under the sea, with giant tentacles waving across a screen that shows the city from the earlier mural. A statue of Poseidon is to the side, flanked by giant fish figures. Taylor heads towards the statue, leaping over rocks and water.

Poseidon vs. Darkennon

poseidons fury 079

Fire bursts from the front of the chamber, and Darkennon appears on the center screen.

poseidons fury 080
poseidons fury 087

He orders Taylor to give him the trident.

poseidons fury 090

Taylor refuses, saying, “Over my dead body.”

poseidons fury 096

“With pleasure,” Darkennon responds and begins shooting fire at Taylor.

poseidons fury 100
poseidons fury 101

Taylor pleads for Poseidon’s help.

poseidons fury 105
poseidons fury 112

They start up towards Poseidon’s statue but forget the trident.

poseidons fury 132

Darkennon continues to laugh and taunt Taylor as they try to retrieve the trident.

poseidons fury 0221
poseidons fury 136
poseidons fury 0222

A cascade of water descends from the ceiling.

poseidons fury 149

An even larger image of Darkennon is projected onto this water screen as he demands again that Taylor give him the trident.

poseidons fury 158

Taylor continues to refuse, taking the trident up to Poseidon’s statue.

poseidons fury 0229
poseidons fury 187

They place the trident as Darkennon screams.

poseidons fury 198
poseidons fury 204
poseidons fury 208

Taylor retreats to safety as Poseidon’s statue descends into the dais.

poseidons fury 0236

To Darkennon’s horror, Poseidon returns.

poseidons fury 211

The god of the sea appears on a screen to the side with a burst of water.

poseidons fury 215
poseidons fury 236

Poseidon says Darkennon will pay for his murderous ways, while Darkennon counters that he will destroy Poseidon and his “precious mortals.”

poseidons fury 259
poseidons fury 0235

The two powerful figures shoot each other with blasts of light and fire across the screens.

poseidons fury 278
poseidons fury 282

Poseidon causes water to explode from the lagoon.

poseidons fury 284
poseidons fury 294
poseidons fury 0067

The fight culminates in a larger-than-life sword-to-trident clash on the central water screen.

poseidons fury 314
poseidons fury 337

As magic builds, Darkennon says, “No! It cannot end like this!”

poseidons fury 340
poseidons fury 360

Poseidon bids Darkennon and the Dark One farewell.

poseidons fury 361
poseidons fury 362

He strikes Darkennon with a final blow.

poseidons fury 364

The villain vanishes in a burst of flame and water.

poseidons fury 370
poseidons fury 372
poseidons fury 373

Poseidon reappears in golden light.

poseidons fury 375
poseidons fury 383
poseidons fury 390

Behind him, the underwater city begins to collapse from the overwhelming power of the battle.

poseidons fury 396

He grants the tour group safe passage back to their home world.

poseidons fury 399
poseidons fury 403
poseidons fury 413

With Poseidon’s protection, guests are transported back to the previous chamber. Taylor speaks over the radio to declare that they’ve found Professor Baxter. Taylor is then in the hallway as guests exit to say goodbye and thank them for visiting.

Poseidon’s Fury Exit

poseidons fury 421

Guests return to the front of the ruined temple.

poseidons fury 423
poseidons fury 427
poseidons fury 431
poseidons fury 434
poseidons fury 437
poseidons fury 442
poseidons fury 448
poseidons fury 451

Alongside the exit queue is the gift shop, Treasures of Poseidon.

poseidons fury 453
poseidons fury 454

Poseidon is depicted with two seahorses holding up a scroll featuring the store’s name.

poseidons fury 462

There are multiple entrances to the shop around the building.

poseidons fury 467

Thank you for joining us on the final tour of Poseidon’s Fury. Will you miss this iconic attraction? Share your memories in the comments below.

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