REVIEW: We Tried the Fanta Banana Slushie at the Newly Reopened Refreshment Station in EPCOT

Justin Giglio

REVIEW: We Tried the Fanta Banana Slushie at the Newly Reopened Refreshment Station in EPCOT

Justin Giglio

REVIEW: We Tried the Fanta Banana Slushie at the Newly Reopened Refreshment Station in EPCOT

Today the Refreshment Station reopened in World Discovery at EPCOT. We stopped by to see for ourselves what the new Fanta Banana slushie tastes like.

Refreshment Station

refreshment station fanta banana409

They newly refurbished Refreshment Station near Test Track is sporting the red and silver palette we’ve seen throughout the World Discovery neighborhood.

refreshment station fanta banana394
refreshment station fanta banana398

Under the shade of the Refreshment Station there are several permanent tables with bench seating for guests to recharge with a cold slushie.

refreshment station fanta banana401

The two slushy options at this stand are a frozen Coca-Cola for $5.25, and a Fanta Banana slushy topped with caramel and blueberries for $6.00

refreshment station fanta banana407
refreshment station fanta banana403

The menu boards have an image of a bubbling slushy and bright white text.

refreshment station fanta banana395

Fanta Banana — $6.00

Frozen Fanta Banana slushie, topped with caramel and blueberries

refreshment station fanta banana521

If you’re not in the mood for Fanta Banana you can also get Frozen Coca-Cola.

refreshment station fanta banana504
refreshment station fanta banana513

While the drink is semi-refreshing since it is a slushie, it is so overwhelmingly artificial that it’s hard to enjoy. It tastes like someone took one of the odd soda flavors from Club Cool and created a slushie out of it. The drink smelled similar to banana “Laffy Taffy”. It has a slight banana taste, but you mostly taste carbonation. Unfortunately taking a sip leaves you with a strange aftertaste.

There was caramel in there too, but we couldn’t taste it. The blueberries on top tasted like frozen blueberries from a grocery store. Not tasty at all.

refreshment station fanta banana511

Overall, we would never get this again. People who absolutely love soda or artificial banana flavor might like it. If you’re stopping at the new Refreshment Station for a slushie, you’re better off getting Frozen Coca-Cola.

refreshment station fanta banana516

Other Construction at EPCOT

EPCOT Photo Report 5 18 22 Spaceship Earth stock

Several other major construction projects are currently taking place at this park. Construction walls have been lining walkways and blocking sections of EPCOT for years.

With the ComminiCore Hall ConstructionJourney of Water Inspired by Moana attraction construction, and the finishing of the removal of the Harmonious barges, EPCOT is undergoing a lot of change right now.

Journey of Water Inspired by ‘Moana’ Construction Update

journey of water moana epcot

According to CEO Bob Iger, Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana” is the last step in the years-long EPCOT reimagining. It’s expected to open later this year, along with Dreamer’s Point, CommuniCore Hall, and CommuniCore Plaza.

Journey of Water Inspired by Moana concept art 2

Journey of Water concept art shows flowing waterfalls as well as water jumping over pathways. The giant Te Fiti statue sits next to a pool of water near the back of the area. This will be a walk-through attraction.

Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana” is part of the World Nature neighborhood of EPCOT. It is set to open this fall.

Check out our list of every new attraction coming to Disney Parks in 2023, which includes Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana.” The walkthrough attraction may include some MagicBand+ interaction.

Harmonious Barge Removal

harmonious barges aerial 2

Aerial photographer @bioreconstruct shared photos of Harmonious barges being demolished backstage at EPCOT. All four of the taco-shaped barges, plus the circular “stargate” barge, have now been removed from World Showcase Lagoon. The final performance of Harmonious was on April 2, and the first barge was gone as of April 10.

harmonious barges aerial 1
Source: bioreconstruct on Twitter

In bioreconstruct’s photos, the circular barge and the second taco barge are parked in the marina, while the deconstruction of the first taco barge continues. At this time, all the barges have been removed from World Showcase Lagoon.

The photos offer a close-up view of one of the barges being taken apart, with pieces in piles on the construction site. The barge now barely resembles its previous taco shape.

For more construction updates on EPCOT, check out these stories:

Will you be stopping for a Fanta Banana slushy? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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