PHOTOS: World Showcase Lagoon Restored to Former Beauty with Removal of Final Harmonious Barges from EPCOT

Lisa Stump

PHOTOS: World Showcase Lagoon Restored to Former Beauty with Removal of Final Harmonious Barges from EPCOT

We saw today that the final Harmonious barges has been removed from the World Showcase Lagoon in EPCOT at Walt Disney World. Let’s take a closer look.

Final Harmonious Barges Removed

Harmonious Barges Removed 5

First up, we have a zoomed-out view for you to see all of World Showcase Lagoon, sans Harmonious barges.

Harmonious Barges Removed 4
Harmonious Barges Removed 3

The view across World Showcase Lagoon to The American Adventure is now mostly unobstructed. The central piece seen here is a permanent show structure, but other pieces seen around the lagoon are either temporary work platforms or a few leftover bits from the Harmonious show that have yet to be removed.

Harmonious Barges Removed 2

Most of the pieces have been removed.

The final Harmonious barge has been removed.

A Friendship Boat can be spotted sailing across the lagoon.

Harmonious Barges

A few more work platform barges are also visible in World Showcase Lagoon near Morocco.

We took a video of the World Showcase Lagoon for you, free of the Harmonious barges. Take a look.

Harmonious Barges Controversy

The barges sparked controversy amongst guests. Many EPCOT fans found the structures to be an eyesore seated in the center of World Showcase Lagoon, blocking the view from one world pavilion to another. Often referred to as a “stargate and tacos,” the constructs featured digital screens on each side showcasing a rippling water graphic and the 50th Anniversary Celebration logo. Even so, many felt it wasn’t enough to hide the industrial look these structures brought to the center of the lagoon.

The Harmonious show itself received a mixed reception amongst park-goers, and many expressed relief when it was announced the production would be ending alongside the “World’s Most Magical Celebration.”

Harmonious’ final performance was April 2, 2023. The production has been replaced with EPCOT Forever as an interim show, which started April 3, 2023. Disney has confirmed a brand-new EPCOT fireworks show will premiere later in 2023. The barges being removed is part of the planned, phased removal of the fireworks platform in World Showcase lagoon that started in March. All that remains are the temporary platforms.

On April 1, before the last showing of Harmonious, the barges were removed from the EPCOT digital map found on the My Disney Experience App.

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