Disneyland Paris Cast Member Unions Invited to Negotiation Planning Meeting

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Disneyland Paris Cast Member Unions Invited to Negotiation Planning Meeting

The Disneyland Paris Cast Member unions have been invited to a June 26 meeting with Disneyland Paris to examine plans for upcoming negotiations in 2023.

Disneyland Paris Cast Member Unions Invited to Negotiations Planning Meeting

According to DLP Report, the Disneyland Paris Cast Member unions shared today that Disneyland Paris has invited them to a meeting on June 26 in order to “take stock of the situation and share the calendar of negotiations in the second half of 2023.” As of now, no new strike action has been announced.

For the past several months, strikes have been occurring at Disneyland Paris with increasing frequency and intensity as Cast Members request wage increases and quality of life improvements in their working conditions. Their hope is to obtain higher wages to match inflation.

Disneyland Paris Cast Member Strikes So Far

Cast Member Strike

The National Union of Autonomous Trade Unions (UNSA) representing Disneyland Paris Cast Members most recently called for another strike action on the morning of June 19.

On June 3, Cast Members at Disneyland Paris were on strike when their demonstration got tense as Cast Members were shoved by third-party security guards during the protests. This protest also prompted a temporary flexible cancellation policy for guests planning to visit the resort that day.

On May 30, nearly 1,000 Disneyland Paris employees went on strike to demand higher wages. The action forced Disney to cancel an 11:00 a.m. performance of the “Dream… Shine Brighter” show and cavalcade at Disneyland Park. This was not the first time a parade has been canceled due to a Cast Member strike at this park.

Forbes reported union members had attempted to meet with management earlier that morning, but were turned away. 

On May 10, a group of about 200 employees staged a demonstration, and on May 23, the number of participants grew to 500. Employees from hotels, maintenance, and security also joined.

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Cast Members for the Paris resort are demanding a monthly wage increase of €200, increased mileage allowances, and more flexible scheduling. They’ve stated that their wages have not kept up with the rate of inflation, and are struggling to make ends meet.

The park’s management met with union leaders on May 26 in an attempt to reach a settlement. Disney offered some measures to address cost of living issues, though union officials said they were not enough. According to union leaders, the proposed changes did not “extinguish the fire” of challenging economic conditions.

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