Donald Duck Hand Soap Dispensers Installed at Tokyo DisneySea

Shannen Ace

Donald Duck Hand Soap Dispensers Installed at Tokyo DisneySea

Donald hand soap dispensers are now available at some of the public sinks in Tokyo DisneySea. We spotted the Donald-inspired foaming hand soap dispensers at American Waterfront and Mysterious Island. These will be available until July 31.

American Waterfront Donald Duck Hand Soap

donald hand soap 3303

The American Waterfront sinks are located near Tower of Terror, next to an ear headband kiosk.

donald hand soap 3304
donald hand soap 3309
donald hand soap 3305

One of the soap dispensers was out of order during our visit.

donald hand soap 3306

But the other had the new Donald-inspired dispenser. You place your hand under the dispenser and then hit the button with your other hand.

donald duck hand soap

This dispenses foaming hand soap in the shape of Donald’s webbed foot.

donald hand soap 3308

Then you can have “Clean hands, happy faces!”

Mysterious Island Donald Duck Hand Soap

donald hand soap 3372

The other Donald hand soap dispenser is located in this cave area of Mysterious Island.

donald hand soap 3365

Both sinks here had the Donald hand soap.

donald hand soap 3367

For best results, place your hand flat under the dispenser, press the button, and then remove your hand by moving it straight down, so the shape stays intact for you to see.

donald hand soap 3370

Specially-shaped foaming hand soap has been popular at Tokyo Disney Resort for a few years now. It started with hand soap shaped like Mickey’s head but has expanded to other shapes, including Mickey’s gloved hand.

In 2020, Tokyo Disneyland introduced limited-time Minnie Mouse hand soap dispensers. Meeko helped teach us how to use the dispensers, which you can see in our video below.

Foaming Mickey soap dispensers made their way to the U.S.A. parks in 2021, where they continue to be sold.

Would you like to try out some Donald Duck hand soap? Let us know in the comments.

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