PHOTOS: New ‘Bambi’ Dooney & Bourke Line Available in Magic Kingdom

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A new Bambi Dooney and Bourke line is available at Magic Kingdom.

PHOTOS: New ‘Bambi’ Dooney & Bourke Line Available in Magic Kingdom

A new line of “Bambi”-inspired Dooney & Bourke bags released today at Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom. Please note: Annual Passholders will not receive their discount for this particular product line.

Dooney & Bourke ‘Bambi’ Merchandise Line

dooney & bourke

The new line of Dooney & Bourke items featuring characters from “Bambi” includes three bags, a wallet, and a MagicBand 2. These items are all available at Uptown Jewelers in Magic Kingdom on Main Street, U.S.A.

A new Bambi Dooney and Bourke line is available at Magic Kingdom.

The current 30% Annual Passholder merchandise discount does not apply to this Dooney & Bourke line, though Passholders can enjoy an additional 10% off food and merchandise purchases in select locations.

Dooney & Bourke Drawstring Bag – $298

bambi drawstring bag dooney 1

This new Dooney & Bourke drawstring bag features brown calf leather straps and the textured pebble leather the brand is known for.

bambi drawstring bag dooney 4

The drawstring laces through golden grommets along the top.

bambi drawstring bag dooney 5

A matching brown strap is attached with golden hardware.

bambi drawstring bag dooney 6

A golden Dooney & Bourke branding plaque is attached to the front of the bag atop a brown leather patch.

bambi drawstring dooney

The bottom also features golden hardware feet to help protect the bag.

bambi drawstring bag dooney 3

The “Bambi” pattern on this merchandise line is dark blue with a pattern of sage green foliage and flowers. Bambi, Flower, and Thumper frolic amongst yellow, red, pink, white and purple flowers.

bambi drawstring bag dooney 2

The interior lining of this bag is dark blue and the item is stuffed with the Dooney & Bourke logo tissue paper. An interior pocket is available.

Dooney & Bourke Tote – $268

bambi tote dooney 5

The tote in this line has several seams across the bag.

bambi tote dooney 1

The same seaming pattern is mirrored on the back.

bambi tote dooney 2

The tote’s bottom is similar to the drawstring bag with protective leather pieces and gold feet.

bambi tote dooney 3

Straps are attached with gold hardware.

bambi tote dooney 4

The pattern on the tote bag is cut off in places from the many seams on the front and back.

Dooney & Bourke Satchel Bag- $298

bambi dooney bag 1

This satchel bag on offer from Dooney & Bourke is a bit larger than the other two bags and features handles and a shoulder strap.

bambi dooney bag 4

Along the back is a golden zipper with a leather pull strap.

bambi dooney bag 2
bambi dooney bag 3

The bag’s interior has a snap closure.

Wallet – $168

bambi dooney wallet 2

Bambi and Thumper cuddle amongst some foliage. Flower smiles nearby on the wallet’s graphic.

dooney and bourke bambi wallet

The same image is reversed on the back of the item.

bambi dooney wallet 4

Red, white, purple and yellow flowers adorn the wallet as well.

bambi dooney wallet 5

Bambi and Thumper look content.

bambi dooney wallet 1

The interior has a zipper pouch and several compartments, along with the same deep blue liner material.

Dooney & Bourke MagicBand 2 – $58

Bambi dooney magicband 5

The MagicBand 2 released for this line has Bambi and Flower printed on the top of the box in the same art style seen on the wallet.

Bambi dooney magicband 2

The Dooney & Bourke logotype is printed on two sides of the packaging.

Bambi dooney magicband 3
Bambi dooney magicband 1

The Mickey Mouse head logo is printed on the box as well.

Bambi dooney magicband 4

This MagicBand 2 is the same dark blue color as the rest of the line, featuring floral elements and Bambi cuddling with Thumper. It is a limited edition of 3,020.

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Will you be adding any of these items to your “Bambi” collection? We’d love to see your thoughts in the comments below.

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