‘Poseidon’s Fury’ Signage Removed from Former Entrance at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Lisa Stump

‘Poseidon’s Fury’ Signage Removed from Former Entrance at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

The Poseidon’s Fury lettering has been removed from the former attraction’s entrance sign at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Universal Orlando Resort.

poseidon's fury entrance

Lettering Removed from Poseidon’s Fury Sign

Previously concealed beneath a tarp, the former walk-through show attraction sign is now missing its top portion advertising the entrance. Only “Escape from the Lost City” remains.

Poseidons fury 8

The rock façade is the same as before. It’s simply sans-lettering.

Poseidons fury 5
Poseidons fury 7

It’s possible they may have raised the letters down and then patched up the rock.

Poseidons fury 6

For reference, here’s a look at the sign’s former appearance in the image below.

poseidons fury reopened 4 scaled 1
poseidons fury directional sign

A directional sign once indicating the direction of the attraction has also disappeared.

Poseidon’s Fury in The Lost Continent area of Universal’s Islands of Adventure closed earlier last month. The final performance was on May 9, 2023.

A Look Back at Poseidon

Poseidon’s Fury had previously been closed for an extended refurbishment, between August 2020 and March 2022, before finally being accessible to guests again. The attraction’s façade was refreshed, and while nothing regarding the story inside was altered, the effects were crisper and clearer than they’d been in years. Take a look at our full show and queue tour below:

Guests are escorted through three different rooms, progressively getting deeper in the temple. In the first, they are introduced to Taylor (one of Professor Baxter’s archeological assistants), who explains that the current room was a ceremonial chamber for Poseidon before Lord Darkenon sealed it and sacrificed everyone inside to the Dark One.

poseidon's fury at universal

After uttering a hidden inscription on the walls, Darkenon is awakened and takes the group hostage — beckoning everyone into the hidden second room with his sinister voice.

poseidons fury c 9 1200x900 1

After some taunting, everyone is locked in this new chamber, until Taylor stumbles upon Poseidon’s trident among a collection of jewels, trinkets, and treasures.

A goddess protector is summoned, who conjures a tunnel of water that guides guests into the final chamber. Perhaps the most stunning technological marvel of the entire experience, this tunnel was a major feat of engineering when Technifex began its development in the mid-90s.

Without spoiling all of the surprises (be sure to watch our video posted above), the final room can be surmised as an epic mythological duel between Poseidon and Darkenon for the fate of the world.

poseidons fury c 2 1200x900 1

What is your favorite memory of this now historical attraction? Let us know in the comments.

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