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Poseidon’s Fury Reopens After Almost Two Years at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

After temporarily closing in August 2020, Poseidon’s Fury has finally reopened at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. We’ve been watching as the attraction’s façade was refurbished, but now it’s time to join Taylor on an adventure inside the ruined Temple of Poseidon once again.

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Construction walls were down when we arrived at The Lost Continent this morning.

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The front of the ruins feature pieces of what was once a great statue of Poseidon.

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The first tour began at about 11:30 a.m.

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Poseidon’s Fury is a walkthrough show attraction.

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Guests enter through the ruins.

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The show begins in a chamber where guests meet archaeological assistant Taylor.

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Taylor’s boss Professor Baxter is currently missing, but Taylor begins your tour, anticipating Baxter’s return any minute now.

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Taylor explains that this room was a ceremonial chamber of Poseidon until it was sealed up by his high priest Lord Darkenon, killing everyone inside as a sacrifice to the Dark One.

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Taylor uncovers a spooky inscription on the wall and then receives a message from Professor Baxter. Before Taylor can evacuate guests, a secret door opens, and the voice of Lord Darkenon beckons the group forward.

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Taylor and guests then venture through a treasure chamber, and Darkenon continues to taunt them. The doors mysteriously close, shutting everyone inside.

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Taylor accidentally picks up Poseidon’s trident and summons a goddess, the guardian of the temple.

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The goddess opens a water tunnel leading deeper into the temple.

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This tunnel has real water moving around the walkway, so yes, you may get wet.

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The next room is an underwater chamber. The voice of Poseidon speaks to Taylor, asking for the trident.

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Darkenon arrives, and the room is plunged into darkness.

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When light returns, guests find themselves in a huge cavern.

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A battle ensues between Lord Darkenon and Poseidon.

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Nothing about the story changed during the refurbishment, but the effects looked like they were refurbished — the lasers were bright and crisp, and the images projected on the water were clear. Everything looked bright and new.

Watch our full video of Poseidon’s Fury below.

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  1. This is the Country Bears of Universal for me. Dated, dusty and dumb, but I love it.

    Was the lighting in the queue better or is that just the flash from the camera?

  2. Poseidon’s Fury has been one of my favorite experiences at Universal Studios for the past 25 years. Just a cool area. The effects are great and the setting is the best in the parks. A truly fun time. I am so glad they saved this wonderful attraction and look forward to seeing again and again.

  3. Yes! This is the kind of news I have been waiting for! Some people see just a cheesy show. I see an innovative experience completely different from other live entertainment offerings, combined with incredible theming, and some jaw-dropping effects. I look forward to my next visit to Universal when I can visit Poseidon’s Fury again.

  4. Garbage. If the ride was open, it was for an hour or two. The rest of the day (or at least the three hours we kept wandering by) it has an “at capacity” sign and no staff members to give details. It was essentially closed most of the day while baiting crowds to sit around hopefully. I would say it was Amateur Hour, but getting people to pay to be in the park while keeping them off the rides seems to be the focus there… so I would have to go with calculated over incompetent…

  5. I am so glad they fixed the water tunnel! Not sure why this post doesn’t have any updates on the details of the queue. But the outside building looks beautifully refurbished! Done right! This is my childhood favorite!

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