CONCEPT ART: Toy Story Hotel Planned to Replace Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel at Disneyland Resort

Paradise Pier Hotel at Disneyland Resort may be facing replacement as leaked images have revealed potential plans, including concept art, for a “Toy Story”-themed hotel.


The first piece of concept art reveals a Toy Story Land-esque porte-cochére, with “building block” supports and pencil stanchions. Luxo Ball lights can be seen overhead.


Inside, statues of Buzz and Woody are the centerpiece of the remodeled atrium. Kites featuring other “Toy Story” friends, such as Forky and Jessie, hang above, and a mural can be seen in the background. Buzz Lightyear’s spaceship can also be seen over the elevator shaft.


The lobby carries on the theme, placing guests at the same scale as toys. A scrabble ceiling hangs over the desks and seating area. A couple of the check-in desks are shaped like Rubix Cubes, and a red Luxo lamp can be seen nearby.


Further beyond, whimsical archways and colorful murals line the halls.


Another piece of concept art reveals a “Partysaurus Rex themed bathtub splash play zone” (above) and a family swimming pool (below).


Tokyo Disney Resort is preparing to open their new Toy Story Hotel this spring in addition to the one that already exists at Shanghai Disneyland.


The last piece shows how the grounds and amenities of the hotel pool area would look with the new theme. The use of the Paradise Pier hotel is interesting when considered in tandem with the released plans for DisneylandForward. The expansion of the current Disneyland Resort area encompassed the hotel and is rumored to include a version of Toy Story Land similar to the one at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

These plans were made pre-pandemic and may have been changed or canceled in the aftermath. Stay tuned for any further updates.

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  1. wait, couldn’t they just retheme the Paradise Pier hotel to match Pixar Pier instead of just replacing it?

    1. I’m guessing this WOULD be a re-theme, not tearing down the hotel and rebuilding it. I’m thinking that the author meant that the new Pixar theme and name would be replacing the old theme and name, assuming that Disney moves forward with this. Under current economic conditions, your guess is as good as mine, Katie’s, and Tom’s as to whether this will actually come to fruition.

      But it would make sense since the Paradise Pier hotel was named after the former Paradise Pier land in Disney California Adventure, which has now been rethemed and is known as Pixar Pier. But we’ll wait and see whether it happens.

  2. Assuming this is true, it seems silly to dedicate the entire hotel to a single franchise. Why not just theme it to Pixar in general and allow themselves the creative flexibility to dip into the Pixar library?

    One single animated franchise, no matter how beloved, runs the risk of becoming stale.

  3. A Toy Story Land would make no sense with the big budgeted Cars Land with a similar spin ride and Pixar Pier with Midway Mania, Incredibles Coaster, etc.

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