FULL TOUR: New Bake My Day Shop & Bakery in Minion Land at Universal Studios Florida

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FULL TOUR: New Bake My Day Shop & Bakery in Minion Land at Universal Studios Florida

Most of Minion Land at Universal Studios Florida has opened for technical rehearsals and we’re bringing you all the news from the new Illuminations-inspired area. Let’s go on a tour of Bake My Day, the new combination merchandise shop and bakery on the corner facing Villain-Con Minion Blast.

Bake My Day Exterior

bake my day tour 0577

As we’ve cataloged extensively in construction updates, Bake My Day has a pink and white façade. Two spiral topiaries sit in planters outside the doors.

bake my day tour 0603

A giant pink cupcake is on top of the building, featuring a Minion with goggles looking next door. The cupcake actually appears to be a tank in disguise, as there is some kind of scope sticking out of the cherry topping.

Bake My Day Interior

bake my day tour 0501

Inside, guests will find a new collection of treat-themed fluffy unicorn and Minion merchandise.

bake my day tour 0504
bake my day tour 0507

The windows display some of this merchandise with pink decorations.

bake my day tour 0503

The floor is made of black and white square tiles.

bake my day tour 0510

The walls are striped pink and off-white, while the ceiling is pure white.

bake my day tour 0565

The merchandise stands are also pink and white.

bake my day tour 0564
bake my day tour 0563

Treats are displayed on cake stands above some of the merchandise.

bake my day tour 0511
bake my day tour 0506

In the back corner is the register and confectionery case.

bake my day tour 0552

A Bake My Day sign is behind the case.

bake my day tour 0612
bake my day tour 0545

Stuck to the ceiling with pink gum or frosting is a life-size Minion figure.

bake my day tour 0620
bake my day tour 0546

Another Minion figure atop a merchandise display is shooting arrows at his friend on the ceiling.

bake my day tour 0604

He doesn’t look too concerned, though.

bake my day tour 0541
bake my day tour 0548
bake my day tour 0561
bake my day tour 0562
bake my day tour 0607
bake my day tour 0566

Bake My Day Food

bake my day tour 0615

Now let’s check out these treats!

bake my day tour 0513

There are several different macaron options.

bake my day tour 0527
bake my day tour 0526

The one-eyed Minion macaron is banana’s foster-flavored, while the two-eyed Minion macaron is blueberry lemonade-flavored.

bake my day tour 0514
bake my day tour 0525

The cotton candy Minion macaron is, of course, cotton candy-flavored.

bake my day tour 0524

The Minion with two lollipop eyes is on a chocolate pretzel-flavored macaron. The one with a Minion blowing bubblegum is cookies and cream.

bake my day tour 0523

And the one with a Minion covered in an explosion of gum is actually bubblegum-flavored.

bake my day tour 0522

As for the unicorn macarons, the first with a bundle of balloons is strawberry cheesecake-flavored.

bake my day tour 0515

The one featuring a unicorn on a cloud is cotton candy-flavored, and the one with the unicorn by itself is snickerdoodle. The macaron with a unicorn on a cupcake is birthday cake.

bake my day tour 0518

The macaron featuring an image of a unicorn with a stack of macarons is raspberry champagne.

bake my day tour 0517

And the final macaron, with a unicorn sleeping on its own giant macaron, is passion fruit.

bake my day tour 0528

There are plenty of other themed treats, as well.

bake my day tour 0529
bake my day tour 0530
bake my day tour 0531
bake my day tour 0532
bake my day tour 0533
bake my day tour 0534
bake my day tour 0537

Watch our full video tour below.

Minion Land at Universal Studios Florida

minion land opens 99321

Minion Land takes over most of Production Central, transforming it into Illumination Avenue. Minion Café replaces the former Universal Studios’ Classic Monsters Cafe and is joined by Bake My Day, Freeze Ray Pops, and Pop-A-Nana.

Take a full tour of Minion Café and read our review of the full menu. Plus, read our review of Pop-A-Nana’s banana popcorn.

Check out all of the Bake My Day merchandise and treats.

The attractions are the pre-existing Despicable Me Minion Mayhem and the upcoming Villain-Con Minion Blast. The façade of Despicable Me Minion Mayhem was recently refurbished.

Minions and other Illumination characters have meet-and-greets outside Illumination Theater.

The back of the Transformers: The Ride show building has been painted teal blue to match the new land.

An entirely different Minion Land also exists at Universal Studios Beijing. Meanwhile, Minion Park is yet another separate land at Universal Studios Japan, with a clone under construction at Universal Studios Singapore. A version of Minion Café exists at Universal Studios Hollywood.

For more Universal Studios news from around the world, follow Universal Parks News Today on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. For Disney Parks news, visit WDWNT.


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